Unlock Spiritual Insights with Liz Pressman: Psychic & Tarot Reader Extraordinaire

Our Tarot Reading service, guided by an expert, offers profound insights and guidance. Each reading is a step towards greater self-awareness and clarity, empowering you to navigate life’s intricate paths with confidence.

Meet Liz Pressman: Your Expert Tarot Reading Guide

Discover the captivating journey of Liz Pressman, a seasoned Wicca practitioner with over 42 years of expertise. As a dedicated Wiccan high priestess, Liz brings her tarot reading mastery to the forefront, offering profound insights and guidance. Her role extends to participating in rituals that honor moon phases, adding a unique depth to her spiritual journey.

Liz’s journey encompasses psychic abilities, mediumship, spellwork, and blessings, all rooted in love, healing, and prosperity. With a remarkable impact on those she encounters, her practices offer transformative experiences. Embracing the changing perceptions of witchcraft in mainstream culture, Liz’s insights resonate with seekers, enriching their spiritual exploration.

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Ready to Experience Tarot Readings with Liz Pressman?

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Connect with spirits, read tarot, and gain clarity while enjoying a shroom from Purple Penthouse.

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Pay $150 via Venmo for an hour-long reading. Get a Zoom link upon payment.

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Review by David W.


“Booking a session with Liz Pressman was a game-changer for me. Her ability to read tarot cards and connect with the spirit world is truly remarkable. The experience was insightful and left me with a newfound sense of direction. Liz’s professionalism and warmth made the whole process enjoyable.”

Review by Emily L.


“Liz’s tarot readings are nothing short of extraordinary. Her accuracy and depth of understanding amazed me. The convenience of Zoom sessions allowed me to explore my spiritual journey from the comfort of my home. Liz’s insights have guided me through important life decisions, and I’m grateful for her guidance.”

Review by Sarah M.:


“Liz Pressman’s tarot reading was spot-on and enlightening. Her connection with the spiritual realm was evident as she guided me through various aspects of my life. The insights I gained were both profound and comforting. I highly recommend Liz’s services to anyone seeking clarity and guidance.”

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