About Purple Penthouse

DC’s Most Exclusive Cannabis Delivery Right To Your Door.

Purple Penthouse is in compliance with DC Initiative 71 and DC Initiative 81, we DO NOT sell any cannabis, mushroom or psychedelic products on this website. Instead, we sell a physical tarot card that comes with free gifted cannabis or magic mushroom.

Welcome to Purple Penthouse. We are so excited to meet you! PurplePenthouse provides DC weed + mushroom enthusiasts with premium exotic flower + shroom strains as well as a variety of related products with ease comparable to ordering a pizza. Every donation to our collective will come with a special tarot card (some of which include amazing discounts for future orders!).

Purple is not only a symbol of royalty but also a common descriptor of quality weed strains (if you’re an indica person, of course). Purple was also an incredibly difficult color to use on fabrics way back when, so it’s synonymous with being exclusive.


Need to reach us? Please send all business-related inquiries/compliments/complaints to hello@purplepenthouse.com or contact us and we will reach out ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you!