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If you are looking for a high experience but prefer it to be smoke-free, edibles are an ideal option for you. On our website, we have exclusive gummies and chocolate bars.

We bring you the best menu of edibles, where you can find options containing cannabis or psilocybin infusions for you to choose from depending on your needs. 

On Purple Penthouse, you will find information about the compounds, effects and origins of our edibles, so that you can consume them without stress. There is also important data about dosages to ensure you a nice and fun trip, it is essential to take care of the quantities we ingest. Find the perfect option for your needs and easily buy now!

Why Choose Our Weed Edibles Delivery Service?

Our collective offers a total premium service, from the moment you enter our website until you are enjoying the effects of the products. Not only do we offer the best quality and safety in the market, but we also deliver on the same day, with total discretion.

With our delivery, you can save valuable time by ordering online, and you won’t have to leave home and deal with people or traffic to get it. 

How Can I Order Edibles for Delivery Near Me in Washington DC?

Accessing the exclusive selection of edibles is easier than ever. Just log on to Purple Penthouse website and choose the tarot card you want to buy. Then, as a free gift, select the edible that best suits you. Add it to the basket and then contact the staff to confirm the details of the purchase. 

Remember that you have to prove that you are of legal age to consume, therefore, you will need to send us a real-time selfie with your ID. Once everything is checked, your order will be shipped. Now it’s your turn to get our premium products delivered right to your doorstep!


Where can I get edibles delivery in DC?

At Purple Penthouse, we have an edible delivery service available. In our online menu, you can find different products such as gummies or chocolate bars.

How late does edible arrangements deliver?

Deliveries usually operate during business hours. At Purple Penthouse, we take orders from Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Can you get weed edibles at a delivery service?

Of course, you can get them. At Purple Penthouse, we have a wide variety of edibles, and we deliver them to wherever you prefer, on the same day.