1oz or 2oz Special: Monkey Paw DEPS


Monkey Paw takes its name from its fingerling buds that resemble the curled paws of primates. It is a fabled old school strain whose roots sprouted in Michigan and has built a solid reputation for itself across the Midwest. This hybrid is a compelling mixture of Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold sativas that are balanced by Afghani’s indica influence to produce a pungent combination of sweet and fruity flavors. Its aroma is reminiscent of the thick musk of Skunk varieties with sharp notes of zesty citrus that cut the senses. The aftertaste of fresh fruits, like grape and blueberry, serves as precursor to the relaxing effects that calm body painsand stimulate the stomach.

What does DEP mean? For people who grow cannabis, most know that at light deprivation AKA light dep greenhouse is one that artificially controls the amount of light that the plants inside a greenhouse receive. Light deprivation dictates who often and how much light the plant receives. In other words, this plant is preserved by being grown inside a green house, and not exposed to the elements being completely outdoors. DEPs use real soil, and is contained within the grow space. Think of it as “organic” ganja.