Baby Yoda


Baby Yoda, also known as “Grogu”, is an adorable hybrid weed strain made by crossing Khalifa Kush and The Menthol. Its buds are the bright, swampy green of Yoda himself or a green lightsaber, with orange hairs and abundant golden trichomes. The effects of Baby Yoda are believed to be sedating and tingly. Reviewers on Leafly say this weed strain makes them feel aroused, uplifted, and focused, but it won’t team you up with a Mandalorian. Baby Yoda has 22% THC. The dominant terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene, which give off a diesel, tobacco-laced nose with sweet notes. Medical marijuana patients say they buy Baby Yoda for help with stress. The original breeder of Baby Yoda is Compound Genetics.