Fried Banana


Fried Banana from Cookies is an indica dominant cross of Guava Stardawg and Gelato 41. After 63 days, you will get a harvest of up to 500 g/m2. This plants can reach great height and they need both support and training. Fried Banana has a wide flavor and aroma profile.

This strain was created for the soul purpose of washing hash. By reversing Symbiotic Genetics Grease Bucket and pollinating Banana Macaroon. The results were a combo of plants smelling like rotten bananas with some hints of cake to garlic vomit. Pheno stretches can very from 1-2x it’s height with large green golf ball nugs or dense purple buds. Average flower time is around 60 days but can be pushed to 70 if you find you’re leaning hard on the Grease Bucket side of things. When it comes to washing this strain you can expect a return rate of over 6% pressing for rosin, this strain is not to be slept on.

Fried banana full spectrum bubble rosin; 2oz frozen product, washed down to around 7.4 grams or 12.5%, cold cured/sieved and pressed down to 5.4 for a 75% return rate of this beautiful product. Most cultivar wash at around 8% and a return rate of 60% or less on a press.