Speaker Knocker


Named for the Carolina rapper who passed away in 2014, this fusion of Runtz and Animal Mintz combines an inspiring, creative uplift with a relaxing, tingling body buzz. Featuring notes of fruity, sweet herbs and mint, there’s a light knockback to keep you chilling and calm, while the head rush elevates your mood and motivation. Turn up the volume on your good vibes with Speaker Knockerz, perfect for a day in the studio making tracks, or an evening around the campfire singing joyful songs

Balanced, Calm, Creative
Fruit, Herbal, Sweet
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
Runtz x Animal Mintz


Speaker Knocker Animal Runtz x Runtz “Speaker Knocker”
Type Hybrid Indica
Cannabinoid THC 27%CBD 0% THC 27%CBD 0%
Top reported effect Balanced Balanced
Dominant terpene Myrcene myrcen