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Purple Penthouse weed delivery is already operating, committed to bringing the highest quality weed selection right to your doorstep. Order the products you want through our website and try the most convenient way to consume marijuana!

Easily Obtain Weed Online

If you are in Germantown, you no longer need to stress about how and when to get good pot without interrupting your routine. 

Just choose the tarot cards we offer on our website, select the products you want as free gifts, and contact the team to complete your purchase. To conform to Maryland regulations, we will ask you to send us a photo with your ID, proving that you are over 21 years old. After checking this information, your product will be on its way to you.

As your trust is our priority, the driver will call you personally to inform you of the estimated time of arrival. This way, you can organize your activities and prepare to receive your order without surprises or tension. Buy now for a stress-free delivery experience!

Purple Penthouse Quality Weed Selection

We take the quality of our products seriously, offering only the best to our customers. Therefore, we have an online menu composed of exclusive weed that will make you enjoy a unique moment thanks to its effects, aromas and exquisite flavors. We have a wide variety of strains, and you can find indica, sativa or hybrid options to use depending on your needs.

But quality is not only about weed, since you can also get magic mushrooms and shrooms for another kind of experience. So, it is worth noting that on the web you will find all kinds of information about these products, like components, effects, ideal moments to experience them and other useful tips for responsible consumption. Explore our website to learn more!


Are there any specific regulations for weed delivery in Maryland?

Following the regulations, you must be of legal age to own weed. Therefore, at Purple Penthouse, we must verify that you are over 21 years old. 

How much weed can you order for delivery in Germantown?

The amount is the same as allowed by Maryland state law. So, if you are of legal age, you can order up to 1.5 ounces of weed, 12 grams of concentrates, and no more than 750 milligrams of THC in cannabis products. These limits are set in place to promote responsible consumption and prevent abuse of the substance.

Can I order weed online without a medical card in Germantown?

To use Purple Penthouse delivery service, you will need a medical card and a valid ID that proves you are of legal age. It’s crucial to have the necessary documentation in place to ensure smooth transactions and legal compliance. Our adherence to these requirements helps us maintain a safe and reliable operation while providing quality service to our customers.