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Purple Penthouse provides a wide range of products including flower, edibles, concentrates, and more to cater to your needs. With our weed delivery, you will be able to receive at your doorstep the cannabis products you like the most. Order online without interrupting your day and discover the most comfortable and safe way to consume marijuana

Easily Order Weed Online

At Purple Penthouse we have worked to turn the page of that stage, and we have made access to the best weed easy and safe, as we deserve it. Now, you can order our weed delivery service online, without the need to leave your house or meet people you don’t know in strange places. 

The process is simple. Enter our website and choose the tarot card you want, choosing a weed product as a free gift. Then, contact our staff at (202) 923-5766 to close the order and do the age verification.

The package will arrive at the location of your choice on the same day, taking only one hour of confirmation to be in your hands. You don’t have to be worried about anything, since our service is characterized by its speed and discretion. Easily order now!

Premium Weed Selection 

When you receive your order, you will know you are experiencing something different instantly. We offer high quality flowers, with unique smells, flavors, textures and colors that will show you why they are so exclusive. 

You will find a wide variety of strains, each with specific effects that can be adapted to your needs. Whether it’s for relaxation, focus or mood elevation, we have the right flower for you. Transparency about the products we offer is essential to us, so you can read about components and effects on our website. Explore our premium weed selection!


What is the difference between medical and recreational weed in Rockville?

The difference is in the purpose of its use. Medical weed can help to calm pain and conditions such as anxiety or depression. On the other hand, the recreational type can be used to enjoy the stimulating effects of the plant. On the Purple Penthouse website you can find flowers with different effects for you to use depending on your needs.

Can I order weed online without a medical card in Rockville?

Since recreational weed was regulated in Maryland, people can access cannabis products without a medical card. At Purple Penthouse, we will only ask for a valid ID, just to verify your age.

Does Purple Penthouse have same-day weed delivery?

Yes, we do. Purple Penthouse is known for its rapid same-day weed delivery service. We prioritize efficiency to ensure your order is promptly processed and reaches you on the very day you place it. In fact, our streamlined system often guarantees delivery within just one hour of ordering.