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Purple Penthouse weed delivery brings the most exclusive cannabis products right to you. Order weed, magic mushrooms or gummies in a simple and hassle-free way. We will make sure you receive it discreetly and in record time.

Best Weed Selection

With a diverse selection of strains, at Purple Penthouse we have flowers for every moment of life. On our website, you can find relaxing indicas to immerse you in total tranquility, to sativas that will stimulate your mind and elevate your mood. 

Any option you choose from our collective will have a unique taste, aroma and color that will take your cannabis experience to the next level. The high quality of our products is a source of pride for us, that’s why we focus on growing flowers with love and science to offer only the best for our customers. 

For a better experience, in our menu you can find information about the effects and components of the flowers, so you can decide for sure which is the best option. Explore our website to find out more details!

Silver Spring Weed Delivery Service Near Me

Although we are located in Washington DC, at Purple Penthouse we also offer our weed delivery in the states of Virginia and Maryland. Order online from wherever you are in Silver Spring, and we will deliver what you like the most the same day!

Simple and Reliable Weed Delivery

Just a few years back, the thought of easily ordering top-notch weed online would have felt hard to believe. Today, Purple Penthouse makes the access to cannabis products easier, in a safe and reliable way. 

Choose what you need from our menu and call us to complete your order. You no longer have to possess a medical card, but you do need to send us a selfie with your ID. Once we verify that you are over 21, we confirm your purchase and our delivery driver will call you to let you know the arrival time. Just order with ease today!


What types of cannabis products are available for weed delivery?

As well as our fine selection of weed, at Purple Penthouse website we have other cannabis products available, such as concentrates and pre-roll joints. In addition, you can find magic mushrooms, shrooms and gummies. 

How do I pay for my weed delivery order?

Generally, it’s customary to opt for cash transactions, ensuring that you have the precise amount ready to hand over upon receipt of your order, mirroring the process streamlined on the Purple Penthouse website.

How much weed can I order for delivery in Silver Spring?

Quantities are as allowed by Maryland law. You may order up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana, 12 grams of concentrate or up to 750 milligrams of cannabis THC in different products.