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Order Purple Penthouse weed delivery and know the most convenient way to get high quality cannabis products. We will deliver what you want the most to your doorstep, without any efforts on your part. 

Quick and Reliable Weed Delivery Service

At Purple Penthouse, we work to make the most exclusive products accessible to everyone, without having to go through hard times. Marijuana is a noble plant that is grown with love to experience good times, and we don’t see why getting it has to be the opposite.

Our collective is made up of serious and reliable professionals, who will respect your confidentiality from the moment of purchase to delivery. Try Purple Penthouse weed delivery and get to know this revolutionary way of consuming cannabis.

Select the tarot item you want and a weed product of your interest as a free gift. Then, contact us at (202) 923-5766 to confirm the details of your package. Once we verify that you are of legal age, your purchase will be on its way to you. So that you can expect it without hesitation, our driver will call you to confirm its arrival time.

Enjoy Premium Weed Products

The quality and exclusivity of our products are evident. Just by looking at the flowers, you will know you are about to experience something different. Our weed offers you vibrant colors, a smooth texture, delicious aromas and flavors to immerse you in an indescribable journey.

On Purple Penthouse website, you will find a variety of strains for you to choose from according to your plans. In each flower, you will be able to read about its origin, components and effects, because information and transparency are also key for us. Order your favorites today!

Weed Delivery Near Me in Alexandria VA

Although our collective is based in Washington DC, we quickly and discreetly reach out to Maryland and Virginia. Our delivery driver will arrive at your door the same day, with only a sixty-minute confirmation time. Now it’s your turn to choose!


Can I buy recreational weed in Alexandria VA?

As outlined in Virginia law, you may possess one ounce of recreational weed. It is also legal to grow a maximum of four plants on private property, as long as they are out of sight. 

Can I order weed online in Alexandria VA?

You can order online for services that work on a sharing modality. At Purple Penthouse, we ship to Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC, seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Is it legal to smoke weed in public places in Alexandria VA?

Although recreational weed is legal, it is essential to understand that smoking it in public areas remains prohibited by law, in line with regulations aimed at maintaining public safety and respect for community standards.