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Purple Penthouse’s exclusive delivery is now available in Manassas, Virginia. Choose online your tarot cards today and receive your favorite weed products as free gifts, wherever you want. Order now with only one-hour confirmation time!

Quick Weed Delivery Service

There is an exact reason why Purple Penthouse weed delivery has become one of the best options in the city: its record time deliveries. Imagine what it’s like to have your order in just sixty-minute confirmation. The waiting time will fly by, and you will have your package without even leaving your home. 

To make your wait safe and secure, our driver will get in touch with you before leaving for your location, so that you know exactly when it will arrive. 

Find Exclusive Weed Products

At Purple Penthouse we are dedicated to growing, creating and delivering premium weed to be enjoyed from minute zero. You can also find concentrates, edibles and pre-rolls, ready to travel to you. 

We understand that every experience is better with information, that’s why we provide transparent data about each compound and its corresponding effects. Try a wide variety of products with total confidence! 

Order Weed Online Within the Same Day

The process is simple and fast. You only have to access our website, choose the tarot card that catches your attention and select weed products as a free gift. Then, you will have to contact our staff to close the purchase. 

You will need to show your ID to access our service. This procedure is essential to verify that you are of legal age. You must send a real time selfie with your driver’s license or passport. Once the information is verified, your purchase will be confirmed and sent for delivery. 

Don’t forget to receive the driver with exact change and with your ID in hand. He will also check your information to comply with Virginia law. Trust us and easily get your order today! 


Can you buy recreational weed in Manassas VA?

Since July 2021, recreational weed is legal for personal consumption and possession in this city, although the law does not allow you to buy or sell it. However, you can order it online, once you are actually purchasing something else and getting your weed as a gift, in Purple Penthouse you can purchase a tarot card to be able to choose your gift.

Will DC deliver weed to Manassas VA?

Even though Purple Penthouse is located in Washington DC, it does carry orders to this city, as well as Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Is 2 grams of weed illegal in Manassas VA?

No, it is not. Under Virginia law, Adults aged 21 and older can legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana, equivalent to 28 grams. Moreover, they are allowed to share weed products within the parameters of the law.