At Purple Penthouse, we are committed to providing you with convenient and reliable delivery options. Please take a moment to review our delivery zones, rates, and methods below:

Zone Area Flat Rate Color
Zone 1 Washington DC $20
Zone 2 Arlington & Alexandria $40
Zone 3 Surrounding DMV Area $60

Using the Interactive Delivery Map

Our interactive delivery map makes it easy to find deliveryinformation for different zones. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Explore the Map: Take a look at the map displayed on this page. You’ll notice that it’s divided into different colored zones.
  2. Zone Identification: Each color on the map represents a specific delivery zone. Here’s what each color signifies:
    • Green Zone: Zone 1 (Washington DC)
    • Yellow Zone: Zone 2 (Arlington & Alexandria)
    • Red Zone: Zone 3 (Surrounding DMV Area)
  3. Click on a Zone: To view detailed delivery costs for a particular area, simply click on the corresponding zone color on the map.
  4. Delivery Details: After clicking on a zone, you’ll see a pop-up or section on the page displaying delivery cost information specific to that area.
  5. Explore All Zones: Feel free to click on multiple zones to compare delivery costs and options for different areas.
  6. Contact Us: If you have any questions or need further assistance, our customer support team is always here to help. You can contact us here or call our toll-free number at (202) 923-5766.

Using our interactive map, you can easily access delivery cost details for the areas you’re interested in. Happy shopping!