How To Buy Good Weed: Finding Quality In Cannabis Flower

How To Buy Good Weed

When visiting a dispensary or ordering cannabis online, you always want to make sure you buy good weed. That can often mean different things to different users. For instance, some marijuana consumers might want the most potent products possible whereas some look for buds with the freshest flavors and brightest colors. Whichever way, it helps to know how to assess the quality of cannabis flower strains.

Weed comes in all kinds of strains and each offers something unique. However, even among the same strains, one batch can be very different from another. Depending on the breeding process and how they’re stored, some batches of weed can end up having much better bag appeal or even higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Luckily, you can identify the quality of cannabis in various ways, from the color of the buds to how they smell. You can also ensure you get the best buds possible simply by choosing the right places to buy from. Want to know more about finding quality in your cannabis flower buds? Here’s a guide on how to buy good weed.

Find The Right Type Of Cannabis For Your Needs

While looking for the most pungent and colorful buds can help you get the highest quality weed possible, the right buying option for you largely depends on what you’re looking for. Before you start sifting through strains it’s worth considering exactly what type of cannabis suits your purposes to ensure you make the right choice.

Many users choose their cannabis strains based on whether they’re indica, sativa, or hybrid. Indica cannabis is characterized by relaxing and soothing properties, making it a popular choice for those who want to alleviate issues such as pain and inflammation. Sativa strains are more uplifting and mentally invigorating, making them ideal for tackling symptoms of depression and anxiety. Hybrid strains offer a mix of indica and sativa genetics.

Each type of strain also has different perks for recreational users. For instance, you might want to smoke an indica strain when you simply want to kick back and watch movies but prefer sativa strains for social situations. Hybrid strains are especially popular as many of them are helpful for a variety of purposes.

Many cannabis strains are also labeled based on their quality. For instance, you’ll sometimes see strains graded on a scale from A to AAAAA, with AAAAA strains offering the freshest buds. You might also see them categorized under other labels based on quality. For instance, Exotic Flower refers to unique and rare strains whereas Tier 1 Flower denotes you’ll get the freshest and most flavorful buds.

Find The Right Type Of Cannabis For Your Needs

Look At Quality Ratings

Quality ratings can help consumers buy the best weed possible. Generally, marijuana strains with higher quality ratings will offer better bag appeal, stronger aromas, better flavors when smoked or vaped, and will likely be fresher and more potent. However, you don’t always need to buy the strains with the highest strains.

A-grade strains are generally quite pale, flavorless, and brittle. These strains aren’t ideal for users who value freshness and flavor in their buds, but they’re also much cheaper to buy. AAAAA-grade strains or Tier-1 strains will be packed with flavor, freshness, and plenty of shiny trichomes.

The highest graded strains will be more expensive, but they’re often worth it for cannabis connoisseurs who notice the subtle differences in the weed they smoke. With that said, AAA or AAAA-grade strains can be just as satisfying. These strains aren’t necessarily less potent than higher-rated strains – they just aren’t quite as colorful and flavorful.

Cannabis strain quality grades usually don’t refer to how potent a strain is, but rather how much appeal it has in terms of its appearance, texture, scent, and flavor. As such, lower-graded strains can still give you a strong and satisfying high. If you’re not as concerned with the appearance and flavor of your weed, you might even prefer to go with mid-range strains.

Consider The Potency

Checking the potency levels of the strains you buy is an excellent way to ensure you buy the best weed possible for your needs. Strains will usually come with a percentage of THC to give you an idea of how strong the psychoactive effects will be. Some also display percentages of other cannabinoids, such as CBD.

High-THC strains generally offer THC levels of 20% or more. The physically sedating and mentally stimulating effects of these strains will hit you hard and fast. In many cases, you can make high-THC strains last for a long time as even smoking or vaping a small amount can give you a sensational high.

However, high-THC strains aren’t always the best weed strains to buy. Those who want a more calm and subtle high may prefer strains with moderate THC levels of around 15 to 19% THC. Strains with lower THC levels are also better for beginner users who want to get used to the psychoactive effects of weed.

It’s also worth noting that THC isn’t the only cannabinoid that’ll affect your high. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid known for delivering physical relaxation, mental calmness, and a wealth of other therapeutic benefits. It can also tame the effects of THC, so high-CBD strains are generally much more manageable. Other cannabinoids and terpenes contained in each strain can also impact your high – this is known as the entourage effect.

Smell Your Cannabis

Smell Your Cannabis

The scent of each cannabis strain can also tell you a lot about its quality. Fresher, higher-quality strains will often have much more distinguished aromas. Lower-quality strains may smell a little stale or may even be less pungent. Many people smell their cannabis strains to determine how good they are.

Every strain has a different scent, and some are much stronger than others. For instance, some strains smell like citrus fruits or berries whereas others have dank, earthy smells. However, even different batches of the same strain may smell stronger or weaker depending on how fresh they are.

As cannabis degrades, its terpenoids and cannabinoids often lose potency. As such, some strains may lack the same fresh scent as others. If a strain smells particularly fresh and alluring, it’s a good sign that it’ll be high in terpenes. It’s also a good sign that your strain will taste better when you smoke or vape it.

While the smell isn’t necessarily the most important aspect of weed, many serious cannabis users value the aroma and flavor of their buds. Strains that don’t smell as strong aren’t always less potent and many can still offer excellent effects. However, if buds are stored improperly, they may end up smelling like mold or mildew – it’s best to dispose of these buds.

Check The Appearance

You can also tell a lot about the quality of a strain by its appearance. This is also referred to as bag appeal. Higher-quality strains will usually have stronger colors. They may have green, purple, orange, or other hues, but the colors will look more vivid and pop out more. Lower-quality strains usually look paler.

The trichomes of a strain can also tell you a lot about how good it is. Fresh, high-quality strains will usually be loaded with shiny, crystal-like trichomes. The trichomes are where the cannabinoids and terpenes of each strain are stored, so if they’re packed with trichomes, they’ll likely be much more potent.

What’s more, high-quality buds will be dense and fluffy. They’ll usually be free of stems and leaves, meaning you get nothing but high-quality flowers to smoke. Lower-quality buds will have more stems and leaves and will often look more thin and brittle. They’ll usually also have a weak, brittle texture.

While looks aren’t everything, the bag appeal of a strain is a good indicator of whether you’re getting good weed or not. With that said, some strains can look a little pale or have less noticeable trichomes yet still offer satisfying and invigorating effects.

Look At Product Descriptions And Reviews

Look At Product Descriptions And Reviews

Although factors such as the appearance and aroma of each cannabis strain can help you determine their quality, you won’t always get to assess these factors. Some dispensaries only put their best strains on display and, as such, you might not know about the quality of your buds until you get them.

When you order cannabis online, you can often check detailed product descriptions. These can tell you a lot about what to expect from each strain, including its effects, flavor, aroma, and more. In many cases, this will help you make much better buying choices when you’re looking for good weed.

You can also check out customer reviews when you order cannabis from online dispensaries. These are especially helpful as previous customers who bought the same products can inform future buyers on what to expect in terms of quality. You might also want to look at other reviews around the internet.

Many users prefer to buy cannabis online as the access to product descriptions and reviews makes it easier to buy the right products. You can easily browse through products, ensure they offer what you’re looking for, and even see whether or not they’re rated highly by people who bought them previously.

Consider Other Types Of Cannabis Products

Buying cannabis flower strains is a good option for many reasons. After all, it’s available in a wide variety of strains, meaning every user can find a strain to suit them. Plus, you can roll it into a joint, smoke it in a bong or pipe, or even use it in a dry herb vaporizer to bring out more of the flavor and potency.

With that said, it’s not always the best option. The quality of cannabis flower strains can vary significantly and, as such, you might want to consider alternative cannabis products. Plus, many of these products offer incredibly potent effects while also being more convenient to use and store.

Cannabis concentrates are excellent for vaping or dabbing. They’re also much more potent than weed and can maintain their potency for a long time if stored appropriately. Edibles are another good choice – these cannabis-infused food products offer exceptionally strong and long-lasting highs. You can even get cannabis drinks.

Many other great options are also available. For instance, you might want to buy disposable vapes, vape cartridges, or even CBD products if you’d rather avoid getting high. When you order these products online, you can also benefit from reading helpful product descriptions and reviews to ensure you buy the best products possible.

Buy From A High-Quality Dispensary

Buy From A High-Quality Dispensary

Sometimes buying high-quality cannabis products is as simple as buying from the right place. Some dispensaries skimp on quality whereas others hold all their products to strict quality standards. Choosing the right place to buy your weed from can often be the difference in whether you get a good batch or not.

Cannabis consumers looking to buy good weed in NY and DC can order their cannabis online from Purple Penthouse. Purple Penthouse offers a range of top-tier flower strains to suit every kind of user. Whether you need high-quality weed for recreational or therapeutic purposes, there’s a suitable strain for you.

You can also find a massive range of other high-quality cannabis products. You might want to try delicious cannabis edibles, refreshing cannabis drinks, potent concentrates, or flavorful cannabis vapes. Whichever way, you can browse all these products and even check out helpful customer reviews.

All orders are sent safely and discreetly so you can rest assured no one will know what’s in your package. Plus, with consistently good reviews and a commitment to customer care, you’re sure to be satisfied with the service.


If you want to buy good weed, there are many factors to consider. The color, smell, and texture of each strain can tell you a lot about whether you’re getting high-quality weed or low-quality weed. With that said, you won’t always get to assess these traits. You can also check product details to find out more about the effects, flavor, and potency of each strain.

The best way to get high-quality cannabis is to buy from a trusted dispensary. For instance, when you order cannabis online from Purple Penthouse, you can browse a range of top-quality products, read detailed descriptions, and even check out impartial reviews from customers. That way, you can rest assured you’re buying the best products for your needs.

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