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Try Purple Penthouse’s delivery and get ready to have an amazing trip with safe and exclusive products. Order the tarot cards that are most appealing to you, select the mushrooms you want as free gifts, and you will have them within the same day. 

Obtain Premier Mushroom Products

If you are thinking of embarking on a hallucinogenic trip to connect with the universe and learn about other perspectives, Purple Penthouse mushrooms will be your key to unlocking that experience.

Whether you want to laugh with friends, enhance your senses or explore your deepest emotions, we have a wide variety of mushrooms that can be matched to the type of effect you are looking for.

For a safe and reliable service, on our website you can find information about the origin, effects and recommended dosages according to the strains you choose. If you don’t know where to start, our staff will always be available to help you choose the best product for your needs. Contact us to learn more!

Easily Order Mushrooms Online

Once you are sure about the product you want to obtain, just add it to the basket and then call us to confirm the order.

In our collective, we work under the terms of Initiative 81, therefore, we have to ask you to take a selfie with an ID to verify that you are over 21. Once this step is done, we will prepare your purchase for same-day delivery. 

For greater convenience, you can receive the package at your home or at any address where you are. Also, in case you need it, you can choose the distribution time you want. Experience hassle-free ordering with us!

Fast & Discreet Mushroom Delivery

During all this time of work, we have earned the respect of our community for the quality of the products we offer, but we also differentiate ourselves by the speed of service. We make it possible for you to have your chosen item, with a confirmation time of only one hour.

And no detail escapes us, since we will also do it with total discretion to take care of your privacy. Order now and enjoy our quick and reliable delivery!


Are the mushrooms delivered fresh and securely packaged at Purple Penthouse?

Purple Penthouse is a serious and authorized collective, and we are committed to secure and confidential deliveries. 

Is the mushroom delivery service available for both recreational and medicinal purposes in DC?

Mushroom delivery is available for both recreational and medicinal purposes if you are over 21 years old. At Purple Penthouse, we have a wide variety of products with different effects. Some are known to cause introspection and relief, and others are famous for generating laughter or improving mood. 

What areas do you cover for mushroom delivery near me in DC?

Purple Penthouse’s mushroom delivery covers not only all cities in this state, but also Maryland and Northern Virginia.