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The fastest, safest and most reliable weed delivery is available in Woodbridge so you can start consuming cannabis in a different way. At Purple Penthouse, we have the most exclusive products available, and we deliver them to your home hassle-free. Try out our exclusive service!  

Why Choose Purple Penthouse Delivery?

We are a professional and reliable collective that has been working for years to make high quality weed accessible to everyone, without difficulties or risks. After much effort, we are able to bring our service to DC, Virginia and Maryland, earning the trust of our customers with every delivery we make. 

Because we understand that schedules and routines can be tight, our weed delivery is done on the same day, with as little as an hour’s wait. We are also committed to respecting your privacy, so we will leave your order discreetly. Place your order securely with us!

Find the Most Exclusive Weed Delivery

Every product you find on our website has been approved by experts who work together with our collective. We have a very high standard when it comes to quality, so we can safely say that we only offer the best. 

On Purple Penthouse website, you will find a wide menu of exotic flowers for any mood or plan. Each one of them gives a different taste, aroma and effect, with which you will have a unique experience.

In addition to quality and speed, our transparency also sets us apart. At Purple Penthouse, we want you to know what you are consuming, where it came from, and what effects it will have on you. That is why we offer detailed information, so you can enjoy your experience with total peace of mind. Find your perfect product today!

Order Safely

Weed delivery has arrived to give you comfort and safety. With Purple Penthouse, waiting for your weed will no longer be stressful, as our staff is made up of reliable and serious people who work for your privacy and confidentiality. Trust us!


Does Purple Penthouse deliver in Woodbridge VA 24hs?

At Purple Penthouse, we deliver within our operating hours. The service is available seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

How can I order weed online in Woodbridge VA?

You can order weed from online sites that work with the gift or share mode. At Purple Penthouse, you just have to buy a tarot card, choose the weed product you like as a free gift and then call us to confirm the order.

Is weed legal in Woodbridge VA?

As per Virginia state law, individuals aged 21 and above have the legal right to use and have cannabis within defined boundaries. It’s essential to acquaint oneself with the precise guidelines and limitations governing its consumption and possession to ensure adherence to the law.