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Simple Cannabis Online Orders

Having access to the best products has never been as easy as it is now. Through our website, you can buy a physical tarot card that will be accompanied by incredible gifts like marijuana and other products, such as mushrooms or high quality shrooms. Just choose your favorite from the online menu and place your order.

You also have the option to write or call us directly to the number (202) 923-5766. A dedicated team will help you with your purchase or with any questions you may have about our service. Contact us for personalized assistance.

Premium Marijuana Selection

We are honored to offer unparalleled products of the highest quality. Each one of them is certified, subject to constant analysis, guaranteeing purity and compliance with quality standards for our customers. We have unique strains for you to enjoy at different times, with flavors, aromas and effects that you will not forget.

Quick and Discreet Deliveries

Our weed delivery service can be described in three words: convenient, safe and private. We want your experience to get off to the best start, so we make sure the delivery is correct and efficient.

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Can I buy weed in Virginia without a medical card?

Yes, the medical card is not necessary anymore. However, you must present a document that proves you are over 21, such as an ID card, passport or driver’s license. 

Is recreational weed legal in Virginia?

As of January 1, 2024, recreational weed is legal in this state for those 21 and older. The new law allows growing up to 4 plants for personal use, and also approves “sharing” between adults, as long as no money is involved.

How does online weed delivery work?

You only have to choose the product you want to buy, and weed and enter your data and delivery address. Once you receive it, you must show your ID to the delivery driver, confirming you are 21 years old or older.

Are there online options for buying weed gummies?

On Purple Penthouse website, you can choose between different options for weed gummies online. Explore chocolate, apple, grape and even vegan options.