How to Choose a Cannabis Vape Pen That Is Right for You

How to Choose a Cannabis Vape Pen That Is Right for You

The history of cannabis use goes back centuries, both for medicinal and recreational uses. Now, many regions in the world have begun to recognize those uses as legitimate again. 

This is mainly due to the properties in cannabis that have the potential of managing a variety of illnesses. Research proves that it can help ease chronic pain, cancer, and several other ailments. You can take cannabis in three ways: namely smoking, ingesting, and vaping. You may choose which way suits you best. Today we’ll explore cannabis vaping and how to choose a vape pen that works best for you. 

What Is Vaping?

Cannabis vaping is inhaling a heated portion of the substance via an electric vaporizing device. The cannabis being heated can either be concentrated oil or dry plant material. This may seem safer than smoking since it produces little to no smoke, but scientists need to do further research on the difference in health effects. 

A vape pen is a small handheld electric device. It has a battery for power and a cartridge that contains the concentrate. The vaping pen works by heating the cannabis concentrate instead of incinerating it. This makes its output vapor instead of smoke. The size and lack of smoke when using vape pens are what makes some prefer it over smoking cannabis.

A vape pen consists of four main parts: namely the mouthpiece, atomizer, battery, and cartridge or tank. The battery powers the atomizer. It is rechargeable, therefore encouraging its portability. The activation of the battery works differently depending on the type of vape pen. Some require you to manually press a button, while others activate automatically when you inhale. 

The atomizer heats the concentrate in the cartridge. The cartridge or tank holds the cannabis concentrate that you inhale once heated by the atomizer. Cartridges are sometimes refillable, and you can choose from glass, plastic, or steel options. Prefilled cartridges are not refillable. You use them once and dispose of them once they are empty.

The practice of vaping is not a recent phenomenon. Its use dates back to ancient Egyptians. They had the practice of inhaling vapors from herbs heated by hot stones. This “shisha” was then introduced to India via trade routes centuries ago. 

The current vape pen came as an idea to an addicted tobacco smoker in China. The individual was a pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik. In his attempt to get rid of his habit, he devised a way to vaporize liquid nicotine using high-frequency vibrating ultrasound. He fashioned a device resembling a cigarette to contain this process. The idea first came to the US in 2007.

Why Do People Prefer Vaping to Smoking? Why Do People Prefer Vaping to Smoking

Why Do People Prefer Vaping to Smoking? 

Vaping is not the safest way to take cannabis, but it has its advantages. Some include:

  • Less smell – Smoking cannabis releases a strong odor that might make a non-smoker close to you uncomfortable. Vape pens eliminate the emanation of smoke and minimize the smell a great deal because it heats the concentrate instead of burning it. 
  • Regular doses – Each inhalation of the vapor gives relatively the same dose.
  • Ease of use – Vape pens are straightforward and need simple instructions to use. As long as you have put the concentrate in the cartridge and charged the vape, you are good to go. 
  • Cleaner hits – In comparison to smoking, vape pens offer a more potent and purer hit. Vaporizers also contain fewer toxins as long as the concentrate contains no contaminants.
  • Nil secondhand smoke – Vape pens produce fewer carcinogens to affect anyone near you when vaping. 
  • Less wastage – You need less cannabis to receive the same high as smoking. The potency of the concentrate means you do not need to inhale as much. 
  • Affordability – Initial costs of purchasing the vape pen may seem high, but it will cost you less in the long run. Concentrates last much longer than combusted cannabis herbs.
  • Accessibility – You can conveniently use your vaping device almost anywhere, including public places where smoking may be an issue to others. 

Some argue that the mode of taking cannabis may increase your risk of cancer, not the drug itself. The burning of the cannabis herb concerns them. Vape smoke, they argue, has the same chemical properties as cigarette smoke. These chemicals increase your chances of getting cancer. 

However, they still claim that cigarette smoke is more dangerous than burning cannabis. According to some epidemiological studies, using cannabis lightly or moderately does not increase your risk of cancer. These studies claim that a smoker has a higher risk of cancer than a heavy cannabis user. However, heavy cannabis use may be detrimental to your large airways.

Choosing a Cannabis Vape Pen

When deciding on your ideal pen, you first must consider the type of cannabis you intend to vape. There are three general types of cannabis material that you can vape. These are dry herbs, oils and liquids, and waxes and like concentrates. After settling on this, you also need to decide on whether you prefer a disposable or reusable cannabis vape pen.

Disposable cannabis vape pens have their pros and cons. They are cheap and prefilled and do not need recharging between uses. But you can’t recharge them, so once its charge runs out, it becomes useless. You cannot switch between cannabis strains on the same pen. This option can be expensive in the long run if you use pens regularly. 

Reusable vape pens also have their fair share of pros and cons. The option of recharging makes them ideal for frequent use. They have interchangeable cartridges. This gives you an option of more cannabis strains, as you can just change the cartridge when you want a different strain. 

You can also opt for prefilled cartridges if you run out of your stock. The biggest con of reusable vaping pens is that they are expensive. This will work to your advantage in the future as the overall expenditure reduces. If your battery dies, you will have to buy another one since the batteries can’t be interchanged. 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Cannabis Vape Pen

There are some factors you need to keep in mind before purchasing a cannabis vape pen. Below are what to keep in mind.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Temperature control is among the most important functions of any vape pen. If the temperature of your pen gets too high without a control function, it can be dangerous. You might end up inhaling carcinogens. 

Another side effect of overheating is the waste of cannabis concentrate. The high temperatures will cause the concentrate to burn. This means that instead of vaping, the pen will just be heating the concentrate. It is advisable to choose one that does not heat beyond 160 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, ensure that the pen has an option of temperature regulation. 

Preferred Size

Cannabis vape pens come in various shapes and sizes. If you are buying one for the first time, deciding at this juncture can be confusing given the wide range of sizes to choose from. Your main aim should be the portability of the device. 

Your lifestyle and intended use of the vape can help you make this decision. You can select one that easily fits in your pocket if you want one to carry around during your daily routine. If you only use it once a day or only at home, you can opt for a larger one.

Consider the Airflow

Without sufficient flow of air, a vaping pen is useless. You need to find a pen whose design supports sufficient intake of air. Quality and sufficient flow of air translate to fewer side effects on your throat. This results in a cooler draw and more vapor when you inhale from the vape pen. 

Check the Battery Life

Like most electric appliances, long life and cost go hand in hand. However, this can work to your advantage once you look past the price tag. A vape pen with long battery life is ideal when you are traveling or are far from somewhere to recharge it. The battery life is usually found on the packaging of the cannabis vape pen or somewhere on its body. 

Your frequency of usage will determine the kind of battery life you should choose. Opt for a 3.3-volt battery instead of anything higher than five volts. This is important for controlling the heating of the device.

The charger type goes hand in hand with battery quality. A vape pen with a USB charger may be your best bet. This kind of charger is compatible with the charging units of most current gadgets. 

Be Keen on Consistency

Be Keen on Consistency

This concerns the cannabis oil in vaping cartridges, which needs to have the right consistency. Consistency refers to the viscosity of cannabis oil. The ideal oil should be a balance between the thinness and thickness of CBD oil. Each of the two extremes has its disadvantages. If the cannabis oil is very thick and sticky, something could go wrong when it’s heated. Thick oil means that some unnecessary plant materials like chlorophyll are present in the solution. These materials could interfere with the heating process. 

Also, if the viscosity of the CBD oil is too liquid and thin, that should raise a red flag, too. Very thin CBD oil indicates the addition of propylene glycol or synthetic flavoring chemicals in the solution. 

How Is the Compatibility?

You need to choose a vape pen that is compatible with more cartridges than the one it comes with. An ideal pen should have 510-thread compatibility. Different cannabis oil brands may use thread in their cartridges that vary in width, so with 510-thread compatibility you’ll have more options to choose from when purchasing additional oil cartridges.

Does It Have a Warranty?

Any quality cannabis vape pen that you buy should come with a warranty. Having a warranty shows that the manufacturer has confidence about their product. A cannabis vape pen is an investment, especially if it is for medical use, and having a warranty to cover repairs could help lower the long-term cost. 

What Is Your Budget?

When purchasing a cannabis vape pen, choose one that offers the best quality according to your price range. Like any other gadget in the industry, the more expensive pens may give better experiences than the cheaper ones, but you can still find quality vape pens at reasonable prices.

What Is Your Budget

In Conclusion

Research on the consequences of using cannabis vape pens is still ongoing, so concrete scientific conclusions can’t be drawn. There is little concerning the carcinogens produced through the device’s heating process, so be aware of the potential safety concerns before you buy a vape pen.

When looking for CBD vape pens, ask for information from any users you know. Gather all the information you can before settling on a choice. Keep in mind that when it comes to vape pens, it is not one size fits all. What may work for someone else may not work for you. Read independent testimonials about CBD use in vape pens to get a feel for what type of pen will be best for you.

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