How To Order Weed Online In Washington, D.C.

Purple Penthouse Delivers Across the District

Washington, D.C. — Recreational marijuana legalization has been a blessing for many residents of Washington, D.C. In this political capital of the United States, weed smokers and cannabis users can now get it delivered to them like pizza. Marijuana retailers have established themselves in D.C. to capitalize on the growing demand for weed and cannabis related products. 

As of recently, a weed delivery service called Purple Penthouse is changing the game. They offer a convenient service where they deliver weed flower and a variety of cannabis products (carts, edibles, etc.) directly to people’s homes or workplaces. Any local DC residents over the age of 21 and go online and place an order for these products on their website,, or After the order is placed, the products are delivered within thirty minutes.

“I didn’t even know marijuana delivery in D.C. existed until I started using Purple Penthouse,” says Tiffany of Tacoma Park. “Their nugs are so frosty. They have all the popular carts. Without leaving the house? I’m in.”

Purple Penthouse has become the top choice for exclusive designer weed strain delivery in the District of Columbia. New strains and cannabis products are updated daily. Some of these strains include Gelato, RUNTZ, Rockstar, Wedding Crashers, and Lemochello. All of their strains are indoor grown from California.

“The Obama Kush is crazy,” another customer said. “It also helps alleviate some of the painful symptoms I’ve experienced with my medical conditions. Even my depression and stress aren’t as bad as they used to be. Purple Penthouse has changed my life.”

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