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Purple Penthouse delivery is here to change the way you get and consume cannabis. Select what you like on our website, and we will bring it to you in record time, with no need for you to move. Easily order your weed now!

Get Your Weed Online Effortlessly

Having the highest quality pot without making great efforts is now a reality. You can order what you need from our website following a few simple steps, and we will make sure you receive it in the fastest time. 

Browse through our menu and discover the different tarot products Purple Penthouse has for you. Once you know what you want, contact our staff at (202) 923-5766 to place your order and receive a weed free gift. We need to make sure you are over 21 years old, so we will ask for a photo of your ID. 

Same-day Weed Delivery in Gaithersburg Maryland

If it is already incredible to order your weed online, imagine what it is like to receive it the same day. At Purple Penthouse, we work to make access to the most exclusive weed easy and fast, so we will deliver your order within one hour confirmation time. 

We have a commitment to your comfort, therefore, the delivery is done in a discreet way, to take care of your privacy. Get your order today!

High-Quality Weed Products

We only work with exclusive cannabis products that have been tested and endorsed by experts. We have weed available for medical patients looking for symptom relief, as well as options for those who simply want to have a good time. 

In addition to ensuring the quality of each product, we also want you to be informed about its components, effects and mode of use. Therefore, on our website you will find useful tips and articles for you to consume them.


What is the typical delivery time for weed orders placed with Purple Penthouse?

We take pride in our reputation for prompt weed delivery services. When you place an order through Purple Penthouse, you can expect to receive confirmation within just sixty minutes, ensuring a swift and convenient experience.

Can I track my weed delivery in real-time in Gaithersburg?

Maintaining open lines of communication with our valued customers is paramount to us. Prior to departure, our dedicated delivery driver will personally reach out to you, providing a real-time update on the estimated time of arrival, ensuring you stay informed every step of the way.

Are there any limits on the quantity of weed I can order for delivery in Gaithersburg?

Rest assured, the quantity limits for weed delivery adhere to regulations governing personal possession of marijuana. Customers are welcome to order up to 1.5 ounces of weed, 12 grams of concentrates, and up to 750 mg of THC in other cannabis products, ensuring you have access to the products you need.