What Do Cannabis and Beer Have in Common?

What Do Cannabis and Beer Have in Common

Cannabis and beer are two of the most popular recreational substances out there, and although they’re very different products, they also have some prominent similarities. After all, both can facilitate a good time and induce a range of physical and mental effects. Both should also be used in moderation to avoid unwanted side effects.

While cannabis used to be much harder to access, the ability to order cannabis for delivery in NY and DC, as well as other legal states, means it’s quickly catching up to the popularity of alcoholic beverages. Many people even prefer cannabis to beer due to its medical benefits and fewer risks. However, they can also be used together in some cases. So what do cannabis and beer have in common? Here’s a guide.

They’re Good For Social Situations

When you think of beer, you most likely think of getting together with friends. Whether you’re at a bar, a house party, or even a get-together with a few close acquaintances, beer often makes an appearance. After all, its effects on the mind can ease your stress and make you feel much more relaxed and outgoing. 

Cannabis often has similar effects. A few tokes of a mood-boosting cannabis strain can ease your mind of any anxiety or stress, instead putting you in a happy and gleeful state. Naturally, this works especially well for social situations as you’ll be much more open to chatting with friends and having fun while you’re high.

Although cannabis and beer work differently, both can enliven your mind and enhance your mood, making it much easier to let loose and have fun. That’s why both are a mainstay at parties. You can even enhance the fun by adapting drinking games to smoking cannabis or vice versa.

They Can Make You Sleepy

One of the most common physical effects of cannabis is deep relaxation. Smoking cannabis can send soothing waves throughout your body, relieving all kinds of pain and inflammation. Eventually, this relaxation can leave you feeling lazy and couch-locked. This also makes it much easier to fall asleep.

Some cannabis strains are more sedating than others. For instance, indica strains are often lauded for their ability to help users sleep better. With that said, many hybrid strains and even some sativa strains can also make users feel relaxed enough to fall asleep. Some people even use cannabis as a natural sleep aid.

Beer can also make you sleepy, which makes sense considering alcohol is a sedative. Alcohol makes your mind slow down and can also soothe your body. Its analgesic effects may even distract you from pain or inflammation. With that said, drinking beer isn’t the best idea for improving your sleep – these relaxing effects don’t last for long and you’ll often wake up feeling worse than you did the night before.

Both Should Be Used In Moderation

Both Should Be Used In Moderation

Another well-known similarity between beer and weed, and perhaps the most important to remember, is that both can induce nasty side effects when you use too much. Too much alcohol or too much THC can make you feel worse both physically and mentally. That’s why it’s important to use both in moderation.

Drinking too much alcohol can impair your judgment, make you feel sick and nauseous, and even make you lose your memory. You can even end up in hospital if you drink beyond your limits due to the harsh toll alcohol takes on your body. That’s why it’s best to only drink a few cans to relax without going overboard.

Smoking too much weed won’t land you in hospital, but it can still be unpleasant. Many people report bad trips from using too much THC – it can make you anxious and nauseous, and also impair your memory and judgment. When you smoke weed, make sure you don’t smoke too much at once and put the joint down when you’re satisfied with your high.

They Can Each Enhance The Effects Of The Other

One of the most interesting things about using cannabis and alcohol is that, when used together, they can both enhance the effects of the other. THC can make the effects of alcohol more prominent, and you might also find that alcohol enhances the physically and mentally relaxing effects of THC.

A 2015 study found that consuming alcohol before smoking weed can significantly impact the effects of THC. Alcohol helps increase your body’s absorption of THC, meaning the effects of cannabis will hit you harder and faster if you drink alcohol beforehand. It doesn’t take much alcohol either – a single can of beer can enhance the effects of cannabis.

With that said, it’s best to drink before smoking as opposed to the other way around. Many people find that drinking alcohol after smoking weed causes them to feel more lethargic and nauseous. Nonetheless, you’ll find that mixing weed and beer offers a unique experience.

You Can Use Both In Drinkable Form

Stoners often use cannabis by smoking weed or using a marijuana vaporizer. Of course, other types of products are also available, such as THC tinctures that you can absorb under your tongue, THC topicals you can apply to your body, and tasty THC edibles that you can eat for long-lasting effects.

However, you can also use THC in drinkable form. Cannabis drinks have become a popular trend for users who want to consume THC orally but prefer refreshing drinks to edible snacks. Much like edibles, cannabis drinks can give you a long-lasting high of anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, although it can take a while for the effects to kick in.

As such, you might even want to mix cannabis drinks with alcoholic drinks. Some people combine THC with alcohol using products such as Weed Lean or THC Tincture. These liquid cannabis products can easily be mixed with beer or cocktails for an interesting high.

You Can Use Both In Drinkable Form


Cannabis and beer have many things in common. Both can enhance your mood and deliver a range of interesting physical and mental effects – although they must be enjoyed in moderation. Drinking beer before smoking weed can enhance your high, but you can also mix cannabis with alcohol using liquid cannabis products. Consumers in DC and NY can find all the cannabis products they need at Purple Penthouse.

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