Purple Penthouse makes marijuana delivery easy anywhere within the District of Columbia. No matter where you are, we can deliver high quality flower, THC oil carts, edibles, pre-rolls, and more. We have what you need, so look no further than DC Danks whenever you want marijuana delivered right to you wherever you are.

Purple Penthouse Brings Weed To You

We understand not everyone who wants to enjoy recreational marijuana in the District of Columbia has a residential address. So, we make it easy by offering delivery at just about any location within the DC area. With our simple five step ordering process, we can deliver you exactly what you want where you want it.

We can deliver to hotels, just about any establishment where we can find you, or any public place that works best for you. This makes our services the perfect option for anyone visiting the DC area. You can enjoy the best weed DC has to offer without ever going out of your way. Simply have us deliver what you need to exactly where you plan to be. Ordering recreational marijuana within the District of Columbia has never been easier than with Purple Penthouse.

Our Simple Five Step Ordering Process

Ordering marijuana in the District of Columbia does not have to be confusing or difficult like most dispensaries make it out to be. Purple Penthouse uses a simple five step process for you to order weed for delivery anywhere you want.

Start by browsing our comprehensive menu of offerings and figure out what you want. Once you decide what you want, just add it to your cart. From there, you enter the address of where you want your order delivered to. This address can be any location within the District of Columbia even including public areas like Starbucks or Mcdonalds. Next, upload a selfie and your license or identification card, so we can confirm your age for your purchase. Finally, place your donation order and we’ll deliver directly to you!  The only places we cannot deliver to are to National Parks or property and any Government properties like museums.

Through our simple ordering process and expansive delivery areas, we’re the perfect solution for anyone visiting the DC area or anyone who wants premium quality marijuana products delivered right to their door. You do not need a medical card or any other forms to order directly from us. All we need is proof of your age and a location where we then can deliver it to you.

The Trusted Weed Delivery Service Of DC

Purple Penthouse is the trusted delivery service for any of your marijuana needs within the District of Columbia. We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of our community and that work can easily be seen through all our great reviews. With a 4.8 star average rating on Google and countless 5 star ratings, put your trust in us to deliver you exactly what you need, where you need it. We put a priority on speedy delivery and premium quality products to ensure every customer leaves satisfied and happy.

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