How To Get Marijuana Delivered in New York City

Are you a medical marijuana patient struggling to get your medication amongst all the chaos and strife during the coronavirus epidemic? Have the risks of covid and the dilemma of social distancing hindered your ability to get good quality medical marijuana? As professionals in cannabis delivery in New York, Purple Penthouse Weed Delivery Service might be your solution.

What are we?

We are Purple Penthouse, a dispensary that specialises in weed delivery in Washington DC. We started out with high quality premium grade cannabis grown right here in California for the residents of Washington DC. As of recent we have established another dispensary in New York.

We function solely online cutting out of the traditional norms of being a storefront dispensary. To make things easier and more reliable, we do both the selling and the delivering. That’s right! All of our products are delivered right to your door by our team of couriers, much like old school pizza delivery.

Why choose us?


The need for safety is at an all time high. With both Covid-19 and other predicaments littering the streets, you might have the need to stay indoors. But what about your necessities that normal stores do not deliver to your doorstep such as medical marijuana? Are you going to cut down on your medications? If the answer was yes, now you can change it as we are here for you! Just sit at home and let us do what we do best; cannabis delivery in New York City.

We follow all the safety procedures necessary for a clean and successful delivery. All of our couriers are well groomed for the task and comply with the highest standards of professionalism out there. Your order of medical cannabis will be delivered without the need for direct contact. We arrive at the designated location and wait for you to pick it up before marking the delivery as complete. It is essentially risk free.


Everything on our platform is of the top most quality. We have reliable suppliers that grow designer strains and high grade marijuana. All of our products are made right here in the states, as we support our local growers– made, packed and shipped straight from California.


Travelling to your dispensary consumes so much time and effort. Not to mention the traffic and the risks involved. Why smoke hard when you can smoke smart. All of our products are available on our official website. This means you can hop in, find your strain and pay them to get delivered in one swift go. No third party handlers and no walking about.

What do we sell?

When we mean business we mean business! We have everything that you would find in a high-end dispensary and so much more. By using Purple Penthouse you can get everything under one roof. 

Medical Marijuana

Our best seller and our main product. We sell and carry out weed delivery in Williamsburg New York. Purple Penthouse is home to all the new strains that you see and hear on the news. We have exclusives that you would not find anywhere; exotic strains from the best growers in California.


Too lazy to bake? We got you covered. Purple Penthouse has a variety of different edibles that will tingle your taste buds, packed with tons of THC!


Finding high-grade concentrates can be difficult. Your search for concentrates ends here; Shatter, Moon Rocks, we have it all.


Do not have time to roll up? You should try our pre-roll packs. They are hand rolled to perfection and packed to the brim to give you a swift buzz.


That is right! We have Shrooms in our inventory. Freshly picked shrooms to psilocybin infused chocolate candies.

So Much More

Our inventory grows bigger by the day. We have seeds, drinks and many other items coming in soon!


Purple Penthouse is a dispensary that is handled exclusively by women. The cannabis industry is a hard place for a woman to be and we are defying all the odds. Support your female community to make their place in a men dominated industry.

Stay Safe, Stay High

We do Cannabis delivery in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York and Washington DC. If you are within our operational areas we will deliver without fail. We have gained quite the reputation ever since we started thanks to our high quality medical cannabis strains. You got the license, we got the cannabis, it does not get better than that.

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