Learn How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Learn How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Have you ever wanted to get so high that you couldn’t feel your legs? You probably haven’t reached this point yet because you haven’t tried Moon Rocks. As the name suggests, they make you feel like you’re on a spaceship headed to the moon. They’re basically the “martini” of the ganja world.

Moon Rocks are highly potent yet affordable cannabis products that every weed enthusiast needs to try out. You need to go slow with these ones if you’re a beginner. They are not like your regular cannabis strains. They can send even the most seasoned stoner flying extra high. 

Check out our step-by-step guide that will moonwalk you through the process of smoking Moon Rocks properly. But before that, let’s define what Moon Rocks are and how to prepare them.

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are weed buds covered with hash oil or concentrates and rolled in kief. They boast up to 51 percent THC levels, which makes them highly potent than most marijuana strains. To make you understand just how strong Moon Rocks are, most popular weed strains have THC levels ranging from 23 to 28 percent – a substantial 20 percent difference.

This isn’t to scare you, but Moon Rocks pack a powerful punch that will knock you off your feet. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase them at a store. Order your ingredients, and we’ll guide you on how to make them at home. This way, you can control the potency by changing the ingredient quality.

What Are the Effects of Smoking Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks vary in potency depending on how they’re made or who makes them. Whatever potency they have, these buds bring an epic sensation when appropriately smoked. They produce immense-sized clouds making every hit come with a whole new experience.

Here’s why you need to try Moon Rocks;

  • They’ll get you higher than you’ve ever been
  • They’re suitable for fun times and kick-starting conversations
  • They’re fairly inexpensive

Besides getting you high, Moon Rocks also pack great health benefits such as reducing nausea and anxiety. The effects can be tweaked by adding CBD products such as bud and oil in the mix, rather than using THC products only.

How to Prepare Moon Rocks

How to Prepare Moon Rocks

The good thing with Moon Rocks is that you can prepare them at home. The process is as simple as that used to make vegan cannabis edibles. There are multiple ways to make high-quality Moon Rocks, and you can prepare them just how you love them by adding your favorite ingredients. You can get everything you need to prepare them at your local dispensary. Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Your favorite strain of cannabis bud/flower
  • Some tweezers or tongs
  • Your favorite concentrate/hash oil (You can find specialized concentrate for Moon Rocks online.)
  • Kief from your grinder
  • A dropper

When purchasing your strains and oil, you should consider their effects. For example, combining two strong sativa strains delivers higher effects than using a sativa oil and an indica flower. And if you’re trying to achieve a mellower experience, you should use a high-THC strain with CBD oil. Kiefs usually don’t have any significant effects.

The next thing is to get straight into making your Moon Rocks. Follow these four steps to achieve great results.

  • Get your flower or bud: Start the process with your bud. It helps hold the Moon Rock together throughout the process. You should ensure that the flower is as dense as possible.
  • Prepare your hash oil: The next step is to put the hash oil into a dropper. You may have to heat it gently to make it liquid enough for the dropper.
  • Cover the exterior of the bud: Ensure that the hash oil covers the entire surface of the bud or flower. Avoid making the flower too wet by dipping it inside the oil as it will take too long to dry.
  • Roll it in the kief: Next is to cover the entire bud in kief, then allow it some drying time. At this point, your Moon Rock is ready for smoking.

Perfect Way to Smoke Moon Rocks

As discussed before, complete novices shouldn’t rush to smoking Moon Rocks. The powerful punch they pack isn’t beginner-friendly. Thus, it’s best to know the perfect way to smoke them before you attempt to. Knowing the dos and don’ts helps you prepare for an unforgettable Moon Rocks experience.

Use Glassware

Moon Rocks are greasy and thick, so they require different handling from the usual flowers. Use glassware and ensure proper airflow by packing the bowl loosely when inhaling. It also helps prevent clogged bowls. Pick a smaller bowl than the one you use for your usual flower to get the best results.

Smoke It With Some Flowers

The greasy texture of Moon Rocks makes them difficult to light. Smoking them together with some flowers can simplify everything for you. It also helps make the smoking experience more intense. However, be careful not to obstruct the airflow since air is essential here.

Smoke After Finishing Your Daily Tasks

Moon Rocks aren’t like your regular haze. You can’t smoke them and get ready for action. Once its high kicks in, you’ll pass right out and wake up feeling disappointed about your wasted time. So if you have any task planned out for the day, you might want to think twice before smoking Moon Rocks.

Steps for Smoking 

Steps for Smoking 

  • Place a Moon Rock nug on a rolling tray and cut it into chunks.
  • Pack normal flowers into your bowl  and put a chunk of Moon Rock on top of the flowers
  • Light up the Moon Rock slowly till it begins to melt into the flower beneath it.
  • Inhale as you heat the bowl until it burns well
  • Exhale it in huge clouds.

Quick Tips for Smoking Moon Rocks

  • Eat before smoking
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Start low, go slow
  • Smoke in a comfortable environment

The Bottom Line

Moon Rocks are definitely worth trying out. But before you get excited, remember we warned you about them. Start slowly but be ready for a wild ride once things escalate. The best thing to do is clear your schedule first before you start smoking. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do anything if you have a busy day ahead.

Moon Rocks are perfect for smoking after a hectic day. You also won’t get disappointed if you want to get super-duper high. And now that you can prepare them at home, you can make your Moon Rocks just how you enjoy them.