The Convenience and Safety of Using a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service in Washington, DC

There’s no sugar-coating it — the world is rapidly changing.

COVID, large scale protests, and the restrictive medical marijuana laws in Washington, DC make it incredibly difficult to find high-quality medical marijuana. With so many obstacles, it’s no wonder why medical marijuana patients are frustrated with the lack of top-shelf medical marijuana.

The introduction of the Purple Penthouse delivery service is a milestone for medical marijuana patients in Washington, DC. Read along to understand how Purple Penthouse allows medical marijuana patients, as well as recreational users aged 21 and up, in Washington, DC to safely and conveniently buy medical marijuana products.

COVID-19 and Medical Marijuana Deliveries

As you can imagine, the novel Coronavirus has changed the way we do everything.

Thus far, COVID-19 has altered the way you shop for groceries, interact with your friends, and purchase medical marijuana.

Once the Coronavirus became a significant problem in the US, the vast majority of businesses across the nation shutdown. It became clear that enclosed spaces were a breeding ground for the Coronavirus, and this drove the demand to close all non-essential stores.

In a surprise move, the governor of Washington, DC declared that medical marijuana deliveries were essential services. This landmark moment justified medical marijuana delivery services. Thus, the Purple Penthouse delivery service has seized the moment to provide exceptional quality, care, and customer service to medical marijuana patients in need.

Overall, the ongoing situation of COVID-19 presents a strong case for the need for medical marijuana delivery services in Washington, DC. With the help of Purple Penthouse, medical marijuana patients now have access to compliant and top-shelf medical marijuana products.

The Benefits of Using Purple Penthouse Delivery

The Purple Penthouse delivery service offers a wide range of benefits to their patients. Let’s take a look at each in detail.

Say Goodbye to Traffic

Once you decide to order your medical marijuana from Purple Penthouse, you can say goodbye to traffic. The traffic in Washington, DC is worse than New York and Los Angeles, which means it’s going to take a long time to get from point A to point B.

Even if the medical marijuana dispensary across town has your favorite cannabis strain, it’s not worth the time and stress that you’ll spend sitting in traffic.

Contactless Service

There’s nothing more worrying than having to walk inside a medical marijuana dispensary to purchase medical marijuana. The old days of sniffing jars laden with terpene-filled flowers are long gone.

Purple Penthouse understands the rapidly changing situation surrounding the Coronavirus, which is why Purple Penthouse prides itself as a contactless service.

Once you place an order with Purple Penthouse, you can pay online and receive the order without having to come face-to-face with the delivery driver. Overall, Purple Penthouse shines above the rest with its dedication to its patients.

Order Online

Just like UberEats or DoorDash, Purple Penthouse is revolutionizing the medical marijuana delivery service scene.

Once you’re ready to place an order with Purple Penthouse, all you need to do is head over to their website. Once there, you can browse their extensive list of medical marijuana products. From connoisseur-grade flowers to concentrates, Purple Penthouse has it all. Next, add all of your preferred items to the cart.

Once you’re satisfied with your medical marijuana haul, it’s time to load your delivery address. Now that Purple Penthouse knows where to take the delivery, their customer service specialists will need to verify your medical marijuana or driver’s license and a selfie.

Rest assured, verifying your selfie and medical marijuana license only takes a few moments. Once you’re given the green-light, you can place your donation order. Overall, there’s nothing easier than placing an order with Purple Penthouse.

A Dedication to Safety

Aside from providing medical marijuana patients with the best medical marijuana products available in Washington, DC, Purple Penthouse is dedicated to safety.

Purple Penthouse’s packaging staff and delivery personnel are kept to the highest standards. Employees are required to wear masks, gloves, and clean their hands regularly. Furthermore, all delivery vehicles are routinely sanitized to ensure overall safety.

When you order from Purple Penthouse, you can rest assured that your products have been sanitized and packaged safely.

Find The Best Medical Marijuana Delivered To Your Door

Ultimately, you’ll have Washington, DC’s finest medical marijuana selection at your fingertips once you use the Purple Penthouse delivery service.

As Washington, DC grapples with the Coronavirus, Purple Penthouse is here to ensure that you get the medication you need — quickly. Purple Penthouse overflows with safety and convenience, and there’s no better time than now to experience the Purple Penthouse difference.

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