5 Cannabis Strains For People Who Love Pine Flavors

5 Cannabis Strains For People Who Love Pine Flavors

When buying cannabis strains, some people make their choice based on how much THC a strain has or what kind of effects it offers. However, another factor that regularly comes into consideration is flavor. Each strain has a unique scent and taste, and many people want to ensure they get the most enjoyable and flavorful hits possible.

Not everyone enjoys the same flavors in their cannabis. Some people enjoy dank, earthy strains whereas others prefer sweet or floral flavors. Another highly popular flavor note you’ll find in cannabis strains is pine. Pine-scented strains are often high in pinene – a calming terpene with a wealth of benefits. Here are 5 of the best cannabis strains for people who love pine flavors.

1. Gelato 41

Pine-flavored cannabis strains often offer a blend of flavors. Not only will you catch pine-like hints as you smoke them, but you’ll also be treated to various other notes that enhance the flavor. For example, take Gelato 41. This strain is sweet, smooth, and satisfying while offering sharp hints of pine.

Gelato 41 is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies. As you’d expect, the strain is fairly sweet, but it also offers a mix of earthy, lavender, and pine notes that make it especially diverse in its flavor. Whether you choose to smoke or vape it, you’re in for a flavorful treat.

Aside from its great taste, Gelato 41 offers an array of enjoyable effects. It’ll hit you hard with relaxing and sedating physical effects, leaving you free of any pain, inflammation, or physical distress. It’ll also ease your mind of stress or anxiety, although you’ll still feel clear-minded and happy.

2. Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush is another top-notch strain that everyone should consider – especially those who like flavorful strains with pine notes. You might know this strain as it was bred specifically for Wiz Khalifa and is also known by names such as “KK” and “Wiz Khalifa OG”. However, it’s not a novelty strain – it’s developed a strong reputation among cannabis fans for its flavor and effects.

When you smoke Khalifa Kush, you’ll catch distinct pine notes along with a sour, lemony taste. Vaping it can bring out even more of its tangy pine-like flavor. Not only is it sure to tantalize your taste buds, but Khalifa Kush is a stellar strain for anyone looking for an uplifting, mind-focused high.

The effects of Khalifa Kush are invigorating and perfect for a morning or daytime pick-me-up. It’ll lift your mood through the roof, make you more talkative and social, and enhance your creative abilities – perfect for artists and creative types. It can also help combat symptoms of stress, depression, and chronic fatigue.

Khalifa Kush

3. Jealousy

Looking for an enjoyable indica strain that’ll enhance your mind yet leave you feeling physically calm and blissful? Jealousy is a perfect choice. Despite its name, this strain won’t leave you feeling bitter or unhappy. Instead, it’ll give you a peaceful high that frees you of pain, stress, and anxiety.

Jealousy is also one of the best strains for pine lovers. Smoking it will give you smooth, creamy hits full of pine and citrus flavors that’ll stick with you even after you’ve finished. It’s hard not to enjoy the flavor of this strain, and you’ll likely want to smoke more and more of it as it doesn’t leave you feeling too drained.

Despite its ability to relax your body, you can remain active and alert while smoking this strain. It’ll even give you a cerebral rush that makes everything seem more exciting, so you might want to invite some friends around or simply chill by yourself and enjoy some music and movies. It’s great for all-day use as long as you don’t smoke too much.

4. Doge

Doge, also known as Doge OG, might be attractive to crypto fans as it’ll remind them of the notorious Dogecoin. However, unlike the digital coin, this strain never loses its value and, on the contrary, has only become more popular and sought-after as time goes on. That’s likely due to its satisfying flavor and joyful effects.

It’s a fragrant strain that’s packed with terpenes. As you smell it, you’ll catch earthy, floral, and pine notes. The flavor is similar, offering a rich blend of these flavors along with sweet, sour, and citrusy notes. Whether you smoke or vape Doge, the flavor is a pleasant treat that enhances the experience.

As for its effects, Doge OG will make you feel particularly happy and giddy. From the first hit, you’ll feel a cerebral rush that lifts your spirits and makes you want to celebrate. Many users also find it great for a hit of creativity, although it can leave you feeling somewhat mentally unfocused.

5. Big Head

Want something a little different and unique? Big Head isn’t one of the most well-known strains out there, but it’s still a strain you won’t want to miss. Not only does it offer a sensational euphoric high, but it’s packed with flavorful terpenes, making it particularly enjoyable to smoke or vape.

Along with sharp pine notes, you’ll catch a mix of spicy, earthy, fruity, and diesel-like flavors when you smoke or vape Big Head. Its diverse flavor profile makes it one of the best strains out there for fans of tasty marijuana strains. Of course, it also offers an alluring aroma that adds to its bag appeal.

Big Head will give you a dreamy, euphoric high that relieves you of any stress or worries on your mind. It’ll also soothe your body, relieving you of pain and aches. It’s not too hard-hitting and you can easily enjoy all kinds of activities throughout your high without feeling too blitzed or sedated – although you’ll likely be hit by the munchies.

Big Head


Looking for piney weed strains? These are five of the best strains you can buy right now. Of course, there are various other strains to consider. You might want something more fruity, more earthy, or more floral. Whichever way, you can find an impressive selection of flavorful strains at Purple Penthouse. We offer convenient cannabis delivery in New York and DC.

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