How to Store Cannabis to Preserve Its Flavor and Potency

Buying marijuana is now more convenient than ever. Whether you decide to visit a local dispensary or order marijuana for delivery in DC, you can get your hands on a wide variety of strains for all kinds of purposes. However, if you plan on buying weed and storing it at home, you should also know how to store cannabis to preserve its flavor and potency.

Since marijuana is a plant-based product, it’s especially important to store it properly. If you leave your weed out in the open, it might end up getting ruined by mold, bacteria, or even pests. Even if you leave it in a bag, it can still be affected by excess heat, light, or oxygen, so you’ll want to take a few steps to store it properly.

Storing cannabis properly involves keeping it away from excess heat, light, and air and giving it the ideal conditions to remain as fresh and potent as possible. That way, your marijuana won’t lose any of its potency. It’ll also be fresher, more flavorful, and more visually appealing, so you shouldn’t slack off when it comes to marijuana storage.

Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to store marijuana for maximum freshness. You don’t need any special equipment – even household objects can help you store your weed efficiently. Here’s a guide on how to store cannabis to preserve its flavor and potency.

Store Your Weed In An Airtight Jar

There are certain things you want to keep your cannabis away from when storing it. Naturally, you don’t want mold or mildew to grow on your weed, so it’s crucial to keep it away from moisture. You’ll also want to avoid pests affecting your weed. Additionally, exposure to excess oxygen can cause your weed to degrade quicker.

Luckily, all of these things can be avoided simply by placing your cannabis in an airtight container whenever you aren’t using it. An airtight container keeps excess heat and oxygen out while keeping your weed fresh inside. Plus, you don’t need any special kind of container – a Mason jar or another sealable glass jar can work just fine.

Jars are often used for storing foodstuffs or liquids. Even new jars may be dusty or unclean. As such, you should clean your jar thoroughly before repurposing it as a cannabis container. You’ll also need to dry it thoroughly before putting your weed inside – moisture can ruin the quality of your weed.

Once you have your clean, dry jar, simply fill it with enough cannabis to almost reach the top – leaving just a little bit of space. You can use as many jars as you need to store all of your weed. After filling it, seal your jar and find a suitable location to store it – ideally somewhere cool and dry where it won’t be affected by heat and light.

Store Your Weed In An Airtight Jar

Consider Using Stash Boxes Or Humidors

Using a sealable glass jar to store your weed is arguably the easiest option. They’re cost-efficient, practical, and can keep your weed fresh for a very long time. Plus, their transparent nature lets you see your weed to ensure it still looks good and hasn’t been impacted by mold or other contaminants.

However, using a glass container isn’t the only option. Some people prefer using stash boxes for their weed. Stash boxes are designed to keep your weed safe and secure, especially as many look discreet and won’t show anyone what’s inside your container.

A cannabis humidor is another good option. These boxes are designed to keep your weed in ideal conditions to ensure it remains fresh and potent. Plus, humidors generally contain small glass containers inside to give your weed an extra layer of protection. On the downside, they’re very expensive compared to other containers.

Using a stash box or humidor has a few advantages over using glass jars. For one, your weed won’t be as affected by heat or light as a good container can keep them cool and dry. They’re also more discreet. With that said, you might still want to keep your box or humidor in a cabinet or drawer for extra protection and security.

Find A Cool, Dry Place For Your Cannabis Containers

Whether you choose to use airtight jars, stash boxes, or another type of cannabis container, you should keep your container in a cool, dry place. Even if your container keeps your weed away from moisture, pests, and other such problems, excess heat or light can still creep in – especially if you’re using jars or other transparent containers.

Additionally, keeping your weed in a cool, dry place can give it the ideal conditions to maintain its freshness. If your products are too hot or cold, they’re likely to degrade faster. Cool, dry temperatures will ensure your weed remains fresh for a long time, and you can simply take as much as you need out of your container when you need it.

Any cool, dry place should work well. You might want to use a kitchen cabinet or drawer. Some people simply store their weed containers in a closet or wardrobe. Some people even store their containers of weed in a lockbox or a lockable cabinet for extra security. Just avoid any places that are affected by heat, such as a drawer next to a heater.

Find A Dry Place For Your Cannabis Containers

Use Humidity Packs To Maintain Optimal Freshness

As well as giving your stored weed the right temperatures to remain fresh, you should also give them at optimal levels of humidity. Humidity can affect weed in many ways – if the relative humidity is too high or low, your weed may degrade faster and lose its potency and flavor.

Some people use cannabis humidors to help keep their weed at optimal humidity levels. These boxes are cool and dry and ensure your weed is kept as fresh as possible. With that said, they can also be expensive.

Fortunately, you can still keep your weed fresh for cheap by using humidity packs. Humidity control packs are often offered by brands such as Boveda and Integra Boost. These small packs offer convenient two-way humidity control for cannabis.

Ideally, your weed should be kept at relative humidity levels of around 58% to 62%. As such, you should grab either a 58% or 62% RH humidity pack. These packs are cheap and compact – simply drop a pack into each of your cannabis containers and you can rest assured your weed will stay fresher for longer.

Avoid Grinding Your Weed Before Storing It

Whether you’re rolling a joint or packing some weed into a bowl or vaporizer, grinding it is usually the best solution. Ground weed burns more smoothly and evenly, meaning you’ll have a much better smoking or vaping experience and waste less of your weed. With that said, you should avoid grinding your weed if you’re planning on storing it.

Grinding your weed is always a good idea before using it. However, for any weed you’re not using, you should keep it in dense, thick buds rather than grinding it. Ground weed can be trickier to store and may even end up getting stuck to the bottom of your container. What’s worse, ground weed won’t remain as fresh as thicker buds of weed.

If you grind all your weed before storing it, you’ll need to use it within a month. Finely ground pieces of weed are more likely to lose their potency and freshness, so they don’t have as long of a shelf-life. In contrast, dense weed buds will remain fresher for much longer – usually anywhere from 6 months to a year when stored properly.

There’s a simple solution to this – simply store your buds of weed and only take out as much as you need before using it. You can grind the weed you’re about to use then keep the rest stored away safely. If you end up with leftover grind weed, consider rolling it into another joint or store it in a baggy and use it the next day.

How Long Can You Store Your Weed?

How Long Can You Store Your Weed?

Marijuana doesn’t exactly have a shelf-life and, as long as you store your weed appropriately and keep it away from mold and other contaminants, it can still be usable for a very long time. With that said, your weed can start to lose its potency after a while, so it’s better to use it sooner rather than later.

When you store your cannabis in a sealable container and keep it in a cool, dry place, you can generally expect it to remain fresh and potent for anywhere from 6 months to a year. How long it remains “good” depends on various factors, including the specific conditions it’s kept in and the quality of the strain.

Keeping your weed at optimal temperatures and humidity levels can help it maintain its quality for as long as possible. Using humidity packs can help with this, but some users go a step further and store some of their weed in a high-quality cannabis humidor to give it as much protection as possible.

How To Store Other Cannabis Products

Weed isn’t your only option when it comes to buying cannabis. You can now find all kinds of exciting cannabis products, including concentrates, edibles, vapes, and much more. As such, the best approach to storing your cannabis will depend on what kind of cannabis products you’re planning to store.

Like with weed, most cannabis products should be kept in a cool, dry place to keep them fresh and potent. You should also put them in a suitable container. Pre-rolls can be kept in a glass jar or stash box whereas concentrates should be kept in a silicon or glass concentrate jar.

When it comes to edibles and drinks, you should read the instructions on the packaging. Products like gummies and powders can generally be kept in a drawer or closet. Chocolates can either be stored in a cool, dry place or placed in the fridge to keep them rigid. Drinks should be placed in the fridge and used within the week if they’ve been opened.

While it might be tempting, try not to store different types of cannabis products together. Trying to store concentrates or edibles along with your weed can often cause your products to degrade faster, so keep everything separate and stored away safely until you plan to use each product.

How To Store Other Cannabis Products

Where To Buy High-Quality Cannabis

If you want your cannabis to stay flavorful and potent, it’s best to buy high-quality products in the first place. Visiting a local dispensary or store is often the most convenient option, but the quality and diversity of the products you’ll find will vary based on what stores are available to you. As such, many people now order weed online.

You can order weed online in NY and DC from Purple Penthouse. Here, you’ll find an impressive range of top-notch cannabis flower strains. You can also buy as much as you need – you might want to order enough to last you for one or two joints or a larger quantity to store for future use.

You’ll also find plenty of alternative products. You can order high-quality cannabis concentrates, edibles, drinks, and even disposable cannabis vape pens. Users who want to avoid psychoactive effects can also find a selection of CBD products.

As long as you take a few steps to store your products appropriately, you can make each order last you for a very long time. Many strains can last for a year or more, plus products like oils and vape carts also have a very long shelf-life. Of course, if you need more, you can simply make another order.


If you’re buying a high quantity of cannabis, you’ll want to store it appropriately. Proper cannabis storage isn’t difficult. Sealing your cannabis flower buds in a clean, dry jar and keeping it in a cool, dry place is usually enough to ensure it remains fresh for a year or more. Taking extra steps can also help maintain the freshness and potency of your buds.

Of course, it also helps to buy high-quality cannabis products. If you’re a marijuana user in DC or NY looking for cannabis flower strains, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and various other cannabis products, you can find what you need at Purple Penthouse.

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