The Basics of Cannabis Pre-Rolls and How They Can Help

The Basics of Cannabis Pre-Rolls and How They Can Help

As with tobacco products, the cannabis industry has witnessed the inevitable progression from hand-rolled cannabis to pre-rolled cannabis. A while back, learning how to roll a joint was like a rite of passage into the ganja world. But the current generation has not embraced the skill of rolling a joint like old school smokers. 

Rolling a joint on your own can be untidy and requires a bit of practice and several accessories like rolling papers, dried flower, a tray, grinder, and filters. Don’t fret if you have not learned or mastered the rolling technique but still wish to enjoy smoking a joint. Pre-rolls have come to your rescue.

Pre-rolls have stolen the spotlight from pipes and are now the inhalation means of choice. With the popularity of recreational marijuana growing in more and more states, most weed dispensaries now offer pre-rolled joints.

Are you looking to check out the wide variety of pre-rolls at your favorite store? Here are the basics of what they are, the different market varieties, and their myriad benefits. 

What Are Pre-rolls?

“Pre-roll” is now the industry jargon for “joint.” It’s currently in vogue as a way of smoking cannabis. A pre-roll is a premade joint packed with cannabis. It consists of a wrap or rolling paper, ground-up weed, and a filter stuck firmly at its base. Its size can vary from the length of a little finger to the length of your smartphone. You can purchase it from a marijuana dispensary, either in individual tubes or as multi-packs. Pre-rolls offer users an economical, disposable, and all-in-one smoking experience

Types of Pre-rolls

Here is a detailed list of some of the popular types available in most dispensaries:


These are arguably the crème de la crème of pre-rolls. They are made exclusively from the weed plant and packed with 4-8 grams of premium flower, usually infused with hash oil, rosin, or distillate. Because of their enormous size, they can be smoked for several days or shared among a group of friends. 

Classic Cone Joints

Classic Cone Joints

These are rolled up in rice, hemp, or unbleached wraps. The cones are packed with marijuana and then warped at the end to create a cone shape. This makes it easier for users to light up the joint evenly. Plus, the cone shape contributes to a more consistent burn.

King-sized Cones

These are much larger than the classic cones, so they are appropriate for puff-and-pass or sharing. They are packed with 1-1.75 grams of ground bud. A majority are shaped as either a funnel or cone, but a few feature wider filters that allow for bigger hits. 


These contain at least one gram of cannabis flower. They come rolled up in either pressed hemp wrapping or conventional tobacco-leaf wrapper. Most dispensaries sell pre-rolled blunts made with cannabis wraps, which is advantageous because the cannabidiol (CBD) in the cannabis wrapper adds to a more cerebral effect than joints alone can provide. They boast of a variety of flavors as well. 

Ordinary Joints

Ordinary joints come in the size of a regular cigarette and are packed with 0.25-0.5 grams of bud. They are rolled with rice, hemp, or unbleached wraps. They also come with a small filter to ensure the safety of your lips during the smoking session. They are oblong and almost the size of your little finger.

Cannabis Cigarettes

These are paper funnels filled with 0.25-0.5 grams of flower bud. They are sold in multi-packs. Some feature foam cigarette filters, while others don’t. Most consumers love them, as they look similar to regular cigarettes, thus enhancing their discreetness. 

Kief Joints

These are only produced using kief and no actual flower. These pre-rolls pack about 0.25-0.75 grams of kief. Users get to smoke THC-rich trichome heads, leading to powerful psychoactive effects. While kief joints come in different shapes and sizes, ordinary joint papers and standard cones are the most popular ones.

Kief Joints

Myriad Benefits

Pre-rolls are a popular choice for many reasons, including: 

  • You no longer need to do the messy work of rolling. Buy it from your favorite dispensary and light up!
  • They are more discreet compared to dabs, bongs, or bowls.
  • They produce milder effects than edibles.
  • You can easily puff and pass among your friends.
  • They allow for customization, with the inclusion of caviar, kief, hash oil, and more.
  • You can buy multi-packs of pre-rolls at a cheaper cost.
  • Regardless of how finicky your tastebuds are, you will find one that matches your taste among the wide selection of pre-rolls.

How to Choose Pre-rolls

  • Strain choice: You need to know which cannabis strain is packed in a pre-roll. Check the label for  “sativa,” “indica,” or “hybrid.” 
  • Trim vs. whole bud: Pre-rolls can be made from trim (leftover marijuana leaves) or ground-up whole buds. Generally, whole bud pre-rolls offer higher strength and flavor compared to their trim counterparts. 
  • Packed tightly: A quality pre-roll is filled tightly, thus allowing for an even burn, producing bright white ash. In effect, users enjoy a clean, smooth flavor. 
  • Moisture content: The drier the cannabis flower, the better the smoking experience. Too much moisture is a haven for mold and bacteria growth within the sealed pre-rolled joint.
  • Sizes: Pre-rolls are available in different shapes and sizes, and choosing the best size will all depend on your personal choice. You can opt for long or short, fat or skinny, straight or tapered. The majority of pre-rolls are sold in either 0.5-gram or 1-gram sizes in individual or multi-packs.
  • Chosen closure: Pre-rolls are often sealed with a twist or a flat fold. Some users prefer a fold because it’s clean and compact, while others opt for a twisted end, as it hems in the joint neatly and serves as a convenient wick.
  • Safety: The rolling papers may be produced from flax, rice, hemp, or wood pulp and be bleached or unbleached. Opt for pre-rolled joints made from unprocessed and thin rolling papers to minimize the inhalation of paper materials or chemicals.

The Bottom Line

As we witness a change in the public perceptions of marijuana, more people are openly adopting its use. As such, pre-rolled joints have gained popularity, and it’s likely that it won’t only be the younger generation embracing it, but all smokers. It may seem on the surface like all pre-rolled joints are produced the same, but the reality is differences in production and composition make each type unique. Thus, the modern weed enthusiast has an endless list of pre-roll options to choose from.

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