The Best Cannabis Accessories In Marijuana History

The Best Cannabis Accessories In Marijuana History

There are now tons of cannabis products out there for cannabis consumers. Not only can you buy a wide range of marijuana flower strains, concentrates, and vape carts, but you’ll also need certain cannabis accessories to help you get the most out of your products. Most cannabis users will eventually find themselves with a wide selection of accessories for smoking, vaping, dabbing, and more.

Some cannabis accessories are designed to help you use your products in new ways, such as vaporizers and dab rigs. Others help you with your smoking needs, such as lighters and rolling papers. Many weed users also invest in accessories such as cannabis containers and humidity packs to store their products while they’re not using them.

Many of these popular weed accessories have become essentials for stoners. As such, whether you’re a casual cannabis user or a frequent weed smoker, it’s worth buying some of these handy cannabis tools for when you need them. But which ones do you need? In no particular order, here are some of the best cannabis accessories in marijuana history.

Rolling Papers

Another one of the most important cannabis accessories that every smoker should have is rolling papers. Rolling papers are the light, thin papers used to roll your joints. Even if you prefer to smoke from a bong or pipe, it’s worth having at least one pack of rolling papers in case you occasionally want to roll a joint.

Rolling papers come in various sizes and types. While 1 ¼ rolling papers are the most common choice for stoners, you can also grab 1 ½ rolling papers for larger joints or even king-size rolling papers. You can also find flavored rolling papers or rolling papers made from different materials, such as hemp papers which are considered healthier and more natural.

Cannabis Grinders

Cannabis Grinders

Every cannabis user should also have at least one grinder. Grinders are used to grind your cannabis flower before smoking it. Although you can use scissors or even your fingers to pull your buds apart, a grinder will give you the highest-quality ground cannabis for use in your joints and bowls.

There are also many types of weed grinders. A simple two-piece grinder can grind your weed just fine, but it can be tricky to get all your ground weed out of it. Some users opt for a three-piece grinder with an extra collection chamber. You can even find four-piece grinders that separate the kief from your weed.

Grinders are cheap and easy to find in head stores and cannabis shops, so make sure you grab one when you get the chance. Grinding your weed before rolling it into a joint or packing it into a bowl will ensure it burns more smoothly and evenly, resulting in a much more satisfying smoking experience.

Hand Pipes

If you enjoy smoking weed but don’t enjoy the hassle of rolling joints, you might want to invest in a hand pipe. Also known as smoking pipes, these portable devices allow you to pack your dried herbs into the bowl for a quick and easy smoking session.

After adding your chosen strain to the bowl, you simply need to light the bowl and inhale from the mouthpiece. Smoking with a pipe often gives you harder hits than smoking a joint, especially as you’ll get clear, direct airflow.

Smoking pipes come in a variety of sizes and styles, from small spoon pipes to unique pipes with colorful styles and unique shapes. It’s worth investing in a high-quality pipe as it can last you for a very long time and be used for many smoking sessions. Plus, it can also save you money on rolling papers.


A bong is another popular accessory that every cannabis user should invest in. Similar to a pipe, a bong allows you to fill the bowl with your chosen product, light it, and inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece. However, a bong also has the added benefit of filtering your smoke through water before it hits your mouth.

Not only will bong hits feel powerful, but the extra water filtration will make them smoother and cleaner. As such, you can often handle more smoke than you could when smoking with a pipe or joint. This can lead to some particularly heavy yet enjoyable smoking sessions.

Like smoking pipes, bongs can be found in a variety of sizes and styles. You can find portable mini bongs that are small enough to stash away when you’re not using them. Alternatively, you can opt for big-hitter bongs or fancy scientific bongs that are designed to make your hits as potent as possible.

Cannabis Bongs

Cannabis Vaporizers

Although smoking offers a quick and easy way to experience the effects of cannabis, some users don’t enjoy its harsh effects. As such, vaporizing cannabis has become a popular alternative to smoking. There are now many types of cannabis vaporizers targeted at different types of products.

Dry herb vaporizers are ideal for vaporizing cannabis flower. These devices can bring out more of the flavor and potency of your favorite strains. Alternatively, you can invest in a concentrate vaporizer for use with potent cannabis concentrates such as cannabis shatter and crumble. You can even find vape batteries designed for use with cannabis vape cartridges.

Vaporizing offers smooth, flavorful hits that don’t feel too harsh on your lungs. Plus, you can choose from various types of vape products. You can even find vape cartridges and oils with delicious fruit or candy-like flavors. Plus, similar to smoking, vaporizing gives you the effects of THC almost instantly.

Disposable Vape Pens

Vaporizers are ideal for users who plan to vape cannabis regularly. However, high-quality vaporizers are often expensive. As such, users who don’t plan to vape too often may prefer to buy disposable cannabis vape pens.

Disposable vape pens are a convenient choice for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to get flavorful, potent cannabis vapor. These vapes don’t require any set-up, nor do they require you to buy anything extra. Just power them up and you can’t start enjoying delicious cannabis-infused vapor instantly.

Many disposable vapes are rechargeable and contain enough cannabis vape oil to last you for many sessions. As such, they give you great value for your money. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of strains and flavors, many mimicking popular cannabis strains, so every cannabis user can find a disposable vape pen to suit their needs and purposes.

Cannabis Storage Jars

If you plan to buy cannabis regularly, it’s important to take your cannabis storage seriously. Storing your weed improperly can swiftly reduce its potency and freshness. Leaving it out in the open can be even worse. As such, many cannabis users buy handy cannabis storage containers to keep their weed fresh and potent.

A good cannabis storage container should keep your weed away from moisture, excess oxygen, pests, and contaminants. Many people simply use Mason jars to store their weed, but you can also buy glass weed storage jars to keep your weed sealed freshly.

Other types of cannabis storage containers are also available. For instance, many people use stash jars or cannabis humidors to store their weed safely out of sight. Some people also buy silicone jars to store their favorite cannabis extracts. Make sure you store your containers in a cool, dry place to avoid your products from being impacted by heat and sunlight.

Cannabis Storage Jars

Humidity Packs

While storing your weed in appropriate containers can limit degradation from certain elements, you should also aim to keep your weed at the ideal humidity levels. Cannabis requires relative humidity levels of 58 to 62% to maintain optimal freshness and potency. That’s why humidity packs are one of the best cannabis accessories.

Humidity packs are small packs that provide two-way humidity control for your stored weed. These packs are small enough to fit in a Mason jar, stash box, or any other kind of cannabis container. They’re cheap and worth the investment as they’ll ensure your weed stays as fresh and flavorful as possible.

Some people stash their weed in a cannabis humidor instead. However, these are much more expensive and generally have limited space. That’s why it’s worth buying two-way humidity packs from a reliable brand to store in your cannabis containers.

Dab Rigs

If you’re a fan of cannabis concentrates and want to get the strongest effects possible out of them, you might want to buy a dab rig. A dab rig is a popular cannabis accessory used for “dabbing” – a cannabis consumption approach that involves vaporizing dabs of marijuana extracts for extremely strong hits.

You’ll also need a few other accessories for dabbing, including a dab tool and dab torch. You can then heat the nail of your dab rig with your torch, apply a dab of your chosen extract using your dab tool, and take a hit from the mouthpiece as your dab swiftly vaporizes.

A single dab hit is usually enough for an intense high, even for seasoned cannabis users. However, dab rigs are sturdy and built to last, so you can use them for many dabbing sessions and get as high as you want each time. Just make sure you take good care of them and clean them to avoid bacteria build-up.


One-hitter pipes, also known as chillums, are another one of the best cannabis accessories you can buy. These tiny devices are smaller and more discreet than regular weed pipes and are designed to take one hit at a time. Despite their compact size, they can still provide a powerful high.

Chillums are very easy to use. You pack your weed in one end, light it, and inhale through the other end. If you want to take another hit, you’ll usually need to refill your bowl. You can do this as many times as you like until you’re satisfied with your high.

A one-hitter pipe might not be the most worthwhile purchase if you already have a good weed pipe. However, they’re efficient and fun to use. If you want to test out a new method of getting high, it might be worth getting one.

Cannabis Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays

Rolling joints can be frustrating – especially if you’re trying to keep your grinder, rolling papers, lighter, and weed all in one place. Plus, your efforts could be ruined if you accidentally knock your weed off the table. That’s why many cannabis users buy rolling trays.

These handy accessories are perfect for keeping all your weed and cannabis accessories in one place – especially while you’re rolling joints. They make the whole process smoother and easier and you don’t need to worry about losing your weed or misplacing anything.

Rolling trays also have other uses. You might use them to keep all your tools in one place when you’re dabbing, or even when you’re lighting a bong. Whichever way, they’re a handy tool for any cannabis user and are also cheap to buy.


These are some of the best and most popular cannabis accessories in marijuana history, and many stoners will end up with a selection of these accessories in their arsenal. If you don’t already have most of these, you might want to invest in the ones that you’re most likely to use regularly.

Of course, you’ll also want to buy some high-quality cannabis products. Cannabis users in New York and Washington D.C. can order a range of top-notch cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and various accessories at Purple Penthouse.

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