Top 11 Cannabis Strains for Your Wake & Bake

Top 11 Cannabis Strains for Your Wake and Bake

It is common for most people to start their day with a cup of tea or coffee. Others opt for a glass of water for immediate hydration before doing push-ups or sit-ups to fire up the body. However, for pot users, a toke of weed in the morning is their preferred way to kickstart the day. This famous, historic tradition is known as “wake and bake.” 

Wake and bake enthusiasts must keenly consider their strain of choice. Otherwise, the rest of their day may be spent locked on the couch or bed. The best morning strains are those that uplift and arouse your mind while increasing your energy levels and inspiring productivity. 

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best 11 cannabis strains for an energizing wake and bake session. These strains can replace your typical morning coffee and keep you feeling focused and creative for the rest of the day.

Wake and Bake Defined

The meaning behind “wake and bake” is fairly self-explanatory. You simply wake up, light up a joint, and watch everything around you flow seamlessly. The concept of a wake and bake session is to energize you to be productive during the day instead of getting stuck on the couch or bed. You can even combine the toke of weed with a cup of coffee to crown the moment. 

Some might wonder if it’s a good idea to get high early in the morning with the rest of the day ahead. Well, the good news is that some strains energize you rather than get you drained. This means you can even be more productive during the day. You just need to pick the right strains.

Best Strains for Your Wake and Bake Sessions

Chocolate Thai

Many sativa strains are too potent for those who are new to the world of cannabis or those with low tolerance. But Chocolate Thai delivers a typical, uplifting sativa experience with fewer THC effects. This strain contains up to 16% THC, making it perfect for users who prefer a relaxed, easy start to their day. 

As the name implies, Chocolate Thai releases a delicious chocolate aroma with notes of coffee. In fact, this strain is best accompanied by your morning cup of coffee. Due to its mild side effects, Chocolate Thai is ideal for the less experienced pot user. It gets you into an innovative and productive mindset that sees you make the most out of your morning.

While Chocolate Thai may be difficult to find, it is certainly worth the search. 

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express came into the limelight after the release of the Pineapple Express movie in 2008. However, unlike the movie, the effects of consuming this strain are laidback. And true to its name, you will experience tropical fruity flavors while smoking it. It produces a fruity flavor of mango and pineapple with notes of earthiness. 

The hybrid strain’s sativa genetics improve your energy levels without the racy anxiety often linked to most sativa strains. And its indica genetics offer a nice and calm physical relaxation. This strain will not blow your mind. Instead, it offers a well-balanced effect and is perfect for reading, writing, or creative tasks. 

The strain also gives you munchies. So, you should use it just before having your breakfast, which will then sure taste delicious. 

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is ideal for your wake and bake sessions because it eliminates exhaustion, all thanks to its flavor profile combined with powerful uplifting effects. This pure sativa strain is popular among cannabis enthusiasts for its sharp sweetness when it comes to smell and taste. It leaves notes of pine and citrus on your taste buds after smoking it. And its sweet, blissful aroma overpowers that of coffee.

Durban Poison is popularly dubbed the “espresso of weed.” This is because it gets your energy and creative juices flowing like never before. If you wake up constantly fatigued, consider lighting up a joint of Durban Poison in the morning. It will help you get rid of that heavy feeling while leaving you with a quality cerebral high. 

And if you have a strenuous activity like a marathon, gym, or yoga practice lined up ahead, you’d want to smoke this strain. It will leave you not only joyful but also stress-free and psyched to tackle the impending activity. 

Super Sour Diesel

Similar to a Nintendo or Saiyan, Sour Diesel can be upgraded to a super version. The upgraded version is called Super Sour Diesel and is a crossbreed of Super Silver Haze and Sour D.

This strain gives off an overpowering smell of Diesel Gas, while its taste is herbal, earthy, gassy, and with a recognizable aftereffect of lemon on your taste buds. It is a pure sativa, and akin to the original strain, it will stimulate your mental faculties. The THC concentration in Super Diesel is about 24%, meaning it packs a punch. 

Unlike other sativa strains, which are comparable to a strong morning coffee, this strain acts more like a double espresso. The effects start as a gush of mental energy, which stirs up creativity. In the end, you feel like getting up and going.

If you often wake up feeling grumpy and sad in the mornings, Super Sour Diesel will energize and uplift your mood. While it can’t match other wake and bake strains when it comes to aroma, it is an appropriate strain for the person who needs to kickstart their day with strong mental energy. 

Super Sour Diesel

Sour G CBG Flower

If you plan on engaging in something productive later on, Sour G is the perfect strain for your morning smoking session. What makes the strain ideal for wake and bake is its high CBG concentration. Among the many cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, CBG is the latest to hit the market and is gaining popularity because of its myriad properties. 

CBG boasts of the good qualities of both THC and CBD. It delivers both mind uplifting and physical relaxation effects without any psychotropic effects like euphoria and anxiety attacks. For mornings when you feel lethargic and just want to lay around, Sour G is the perfect pick-me-up strain. The mental stimulation feelings will get you up and moving. 

Green Crack

If you wake up feeling exhausted, this is the perfect strain to energize you for what lies ahead. Also called Green Cush, Green Crack packs up to 25% THC and is a sativa-dominant strain. Its effects kick in fast and last long. 

Don’t be fooled by its intense name. Green Crack is the complete opposite of the street drug. If you plan on having visitors or your friend over, this is the strain to light up in the morning. It is an amazingly sociable strain that will have you and your friends talking and laughing for hours. 

Speaking of taste, it is fruity flavored. If you have a hectic schedule ahead, this strain can give you super energy that could leave you super focused for several hours. You can expect an intense drive to get tasks done. Plus, you won’t need any cup of coffee to accompany the smoke. And some medical consumers prefer using Green Crack for managing pain, aches, anxiety, and depression. 

Pineapple Haze Sativa Flower

Pineapple Haze is a CBD sativa flower. It combines the tropical fragrance of Pineapple with the fast-acting mental energy of Haze. In the end, you have a strain with pretty tantalizing flavors and effects.

Speaking of effects, the Haze element takes center stage with regards to the effects of consuming Pineapple Haze. Take a few hits of Pineapple Haze with a cup of coffee and enjoy the creative and energizing effects of sativa with the relaxed and quality cerebral sensations of CBD

This is how you should start off your day. Moreover, this strain is littered with terpenes that boost the entourage effect, producing an overall well-balanced, satisfying high

Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is also known as Sweet Island Skunk. This sativa strain is a progeny of Skunk #1 and makes you feel:

  •   Happy
  •   Uplifted
  •   Euphoric
  •   Energized

Tropical fruity flavors characterize the Island Sweet Skunk. The fruity aroma is similar to herbal and grapefruit, with a lot of skunky musk in there. 

The strain can complement any morning breakfast comprising of eggs, bacon, and orange juice. The aroma and taste of this strain are as energetic and uplifting as the resulting high. With an average THC concentration of 18%, Island Sweet Skunk is potent but not overpowering. Take a few tokes of this strain when you desire a happy and uplifting morning experience without a body high.

Lifter Hemp Flower

Lifter’s name can be explained through two possible explanations. It could be a comical reference to the tomato plant “Mortgage Lifter.” On the other hand, growers may have branded Lifter in reference to its elevating effects. Either way, this hemp flower strain remains popular with daytime pot users. 

Lifter is a crossbreed of Hawaiian and Haze strains and forms a sativa-dominant flower with unmistakably spicy, earthy notes. It has a high CBD concentration of 21%, on average. Rarely do you come across a hemp sativa flower strain boasting this high CBD content.

For this reason, the strain produces the uplifting high typical of sativa strains plus the relaxing effects of CBD and hemp. It’s non-psychoactive, so you won’t get a body high from smoking it. This is why it makes such a perfect morning strain. Lifter also packs high levels of terpene limonene, which greatly influences its sweet flavor profile. 


The Chocolope strain is a crossbreed of Cannalope Haze and Chocolate Thai. It is also called D-Line. It gives off a chocolate flavor that matches well with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Chocolope is one of the sweetest sativa strains around. In fact, its sugary taste bears a resemblance to the type of fulsome sweet that you experience when eating a ripened fruit. 

It is almost a pure sativa, comprising 95% sativa and 5% indica. A few puffs of this strain will leave your mind buzzing. Apart from the strong cerebral experience, Chocolope is also pretty arousing. If you love sex in the morning, this strain is bound to spice up things in the bedroom.

You can trust the Chocolope strain to substitute your morning cup of coffee or tea and experience energizing, focus-inducing, aspiring, and uplifting effects. Inexperienced weed users may consider going slow on this bud because it may get fairly potent, with up to 21% THC content


Jack’s Cleaner

Jack’s Cleaner is your go-to strain if you have piles of work ahead. This strain is a cross between The Cleaner and Jack Herer. It is a sativa-dominant strain that will get you focused and help you get things completed without feeling worn out. However, note that it produces increased physical relaxation compared to your typical sativa.

Jack’s Cleaner has a somewhat moderate THC content of about 18%. As such, it is perfect for inexperienced cannabis users who are slowly finding their way into the world of marijuana. The flower produces an overpowering aroma of lemon, pine, and citrus borrowed from its parents. To balance out the pungency, match this flower with a creamy breakfast cuisine. 

The Bottom Line

Who doesn’t like an energizing wake and bake session? It’s a wonderful thing, especially when you have lots of work lined up for the day. But it can also get you stuck on the couch for the better part of the day. The trick lies in picking the perfect strain for the job. 

Smoking weed in the morning is an established practice for many reasons. Cannabis strains can provide more energizing and uplifting effects compared to the usual routine of having a cup of coffee or tea. The reason is attributed to their constituent terpenes and the resulting entourage effect. 

If you’re searching for the best morning strain to lift your spirits and energy levels, you can’t go wrong with these top 11 weed strains. 

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